Properly Planned Parts of Prep!

Also appreciate alliteration.
okay, back to the topic.

I thought it might be nice to have a place to post some snippets of successful planning to see what people are working on. Do you have a character you’re very proud of? Tell us a little about them! Did you worldbuild an incredible magic system or map? What does it look like, or how does it work? Did you outline all your chapters? I’m jealous, but very happy for you!

How is everyone’s planning going, and what do you know about your next November novel?


I’ll share one of mine real quick - I did the NaNo Planning Write-In, and came up with an idea for one of the antagonists/conflicts of my story. I wanted some kind of sea monster or natural threat, and one of the pictures on the boredpanda abandoned places was this giant hole in the earth by a cooling tower.

I thought, what could be down there, and what would happen if it decided to come out? Then I thought, what if it wasn’t a hole in the earth, but a hole in the water. I am playing with the idea of having some kind of giant whirlpool/sinkhole sea monsters - you know where they’re coming from, but it’s too dangerous to go after them because your ship would sink, so you just have to hope they don’t go after you…


LOVE the idea of giant whirlpool/sinkhole sea monsters. Fabulous visual!

eta: I haven’t prepped a single thing yet. Not even a character name. :sweat_smile:

I have some vague storylines. Three. I want to weave them together. In my head I’m seeing a long braid.
Now I’m making some progress on characters. I need the characters to really know what they need and want so I can get the stories actually formed.
I’m really excited. This is going well. Sure it’s just barely beginning but I am so happy to have some forward motion!

Looking forward to writing 20 chapters (planned to be 70k words long) based off of my outline. Plan on getting to know my characters better. Astrolgia doesn’t get much luck in my first book.

I also love the idea of holes in the ocean and the thought that something might be coming out of them, especially if your story is going to be based on the water–the idea of getting too close to one of those holes and then seeing something come out is really, really good.

For myself, I got a very cool setting idea a while back, of a city that has a massive rift cut into the center of it, and which has healed by threading rope bridges and ladders between the two sides so there’s this web of connections in the air between the sides. I’ve put some work into the idea since, with planning, and came up with the city of Cataclysm, which was ruined a hundred years ago by an earthquake and which now has an entire section of the city, the Rope Ward, which is fragments of buildings and platforms connected to each other by rope and string, hanging over the abyss splitting the city.

The other day I sat down to come up with the theme for my Nano novel/series. I mean, I had it scheduled in my bujo, I was thinking about it all day, I had my music all prepped and ready to play for at least 30 minutes of just spitting out idea after idea… and I nailed it on my first try. I tried, I really tried to write at least 2 more options, but I just couldnt do any more. The first one was/is perfect. It must have been swimming around in my head, just waiting for me to put pen to paper.

And last night I had a bona fide lightbulb idea in the middle of making worldbuilding notes. I figured out the motive for the Antagonists, why they wanted to bring the MC into the fantasy world and a potential series-long scavenger hunt. It just all of a sudden clicked into place. I honestly haven’t had quite this easy and satisfying an experience in writing in a long time, if ever.