Profile Banner size?

Now that the main site ( is up and running again, and looks to be (mostly) stable, I wanted to go in and make a banner for my profile. I tried a couple of different images, but it has become apparent that I don’t know the size of the banner.

What is the size (pixels X pixels or inches X inches) of the profile banner so I can make an image that won’t be cut-off?


It should be 1440 px wide by 320 px tall!


that would be a good addition to add to the ‘drag and drop the image’ here text!


Also worth flagging up that I uploaded a pretty huge resolution photo for mine and uh… the site let me? (As in it didn’t auto downsize it at all – so there’s a 7 meg photo on my profile – I can downsize it myself but that is a pretty worrying issue)


Wow, good to know! (It’s a beautiful banner, btw!)

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Haha thank you :smiley:

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What about the regional header? I figured it was the same size, but it’s cutting off and distorting a little when I did one that size.

While I’m muttering about headers – I appreciate this is probably one for after the big issues are fixed, but the grey darkening wash over all the header images is a little… well drab, is there anything different which could be done – especially for the region header images where they don’t have any text over them. Or just have it switch off by default if you don’t have any text on top of it? (Or just changing it from a grey wash to a blue wash would be nicer I think?)

Not sure if this is the right place but I have been trying to get our banner for the region in place. Trying different sizes,… Might have done that a bit much in testing. Now after uploading the header successfully, the header is stil the same ! Is my picture too big or small or…?