In the last few years, I’ve gotten back to this series after a hiatus in college (I didn’t own a DS until I got the New 3DS XL a few years ago). I grew up with Gen 1 and kept up with it until Gen 3. I even have a pretty good card collection from those days.

When they started doing the 20-year anniversary events (like giving away mythical Pokémon for free) and the recent legendary events, I got back into it and caught up to the recent generations.

Currently, I’m a regular Pokémon Go player, albeit one who likes playing solo as much as possible. I’m not sure what to think about Sword and Shield right now, other than I’ll -eventually- get Sword (but probably not for full price or at launch).

Any other Trainers out there trying to catch 'em all?


My fam :smiley_cat:

I was big into Pokemon for about 10-12 years. I played through Gen 4, I think. I was hesitating about Gen 5 because I love Water starters and Oshawott was just so unappealing. I asked a coworker who had the new game what she thought of it and she said, “oh you know, you just run around in circles [in the tall grass] all day.” And I realized I’d been running around in circles for a decade and quit cold turkey.

Pokemon Go has brought me back and I’m loving it. I’ve been playing for almost two years now. I have two accounts, a blue and a yellow, because I accidentally created a second account when something logged me out at one point. They’re currently levels 39 (blue) and 37 (yellow).

Sword and Shield look fun, but I’m trying to avoid picking up a new game system again. Writing already takes up enough of my time; I don’t want games edging into that.

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Two-account user here, as well. :raising_hand_man:
My initial, day-1 account (connected to Google) was Mystic because I liked the concepts of the blue team, but I also wanted an account connected to my overall Pokémon Online account, which is why I started a Valor account (also, the red team is the one dominating around my house, so it has plenty of chances to get in defended gyms). Just crossed over to level 35 on both accounts this weekend.

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I went with Mystic first because I love Articuno in general. I liked Spark’s ideas when I started setting up the second account, but I have found him super annoying. If I ever get enough coins, I’ll probably switch my Instinct to Valor. The main teams in the area are Mystic and Valor anyways. I can never get 50 coins on my Instinct account because they’re always kicked out too fast.

I’m also a Pokemon Go player, but I never played the original games. I never had the fancy portable gaming systems that I would have needed to do that.

As for Pokemon Go…I am Mystic. I always have been and probably always will be. Currently, I’m about to cross over to Level 39. So close!


I’m old school pokemon. Started playing red and blue with my husband back in the late 90s, and have played very mainline game since. My reward for my kids learning to read was pokemon.

I played Go for a long time, but I’ve recently gotten burned out on the silly grind of it all. I liked Let’s Go, but misse the actual battle mechanics. I’m looking forward to Sword and Shield, and I’m actually thrilled it’s on the switch, which means I only have to buy two copies instead of my usual 4 (one for each person in the house.) We have two Switches, so one copy can be used by everyone on each console.

Team Mystic FTW!

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I’ve been playing Go,never did the earlier games. Go goes well (bad pun half-intentional) with walking the dog.

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I started with Pokémon Red as a kid and have played all the main games and the remakes ever since. Never got into pogo though, because I wasn’t able to (plus not a fan of mobile games). I did pick up Let’s go Eevee and that was the first time I actually managed to get a full pokedex save mew. Which was quite the experience after so many years. I’m unreasonably proud of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be getting the next one too. Just haven’t decided on which version yet. I usually wait to see what the version exclusives are and then pick the ones I like best. Since I’ve never had anyone to trade with I better pick the ones I want most. But currently I’m leaning towards sword. The idea of a doggo with a sword in its mouth, not even incorporated into its body, just holding that sword, is so silly I love it.


It’s my husband’s turn to choose, so I think I’ll end up with shield. We take turns with each set to see who picks first.

The benefit of being the only gamer in the house. I get first pick and no one hogs the gaming systems. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is the main reason I’m going with “Sword” as well. That, and I’m one of those players who’s like, “Stat altering moves? Not in this house! The only stat that matters is HP…and getting it to ZERO.”

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I can’t say I have a rule against stat moves :stuck_out_tongue: but considering I’ve never bothered with anything like competitive, I don’t care much for them. They are very meh to me. Too slow a way to win a fight. Heck I often don’t even heal status effects unless I really can’t get to the end of the battle first. Like you said, I just focus more on HP/level and of course type advantages.


True Story: I did not get into Pokemon until I was a sophomore in college, so like 2007/8, living with my BFF and her boyfriend. They were HUGE Pokemon fans. They convinced me to buy a DS because the new Lites had just come out, and they lent me her copy of Pearl.

I loved it, and haven’t stopped playing Pokemon since. I am probably more into general Pokemon now than the BFF is --although her (now ex-husband) boyfriend is a far more competitive player.

Per Sword and Shield, I am kind of bummed that I had to go and buy a Switch to play it. I really don’t think it’s fair to kill off the 3DS, especially since the “new” 3DS really hasn’t been out for that long! But, I sucked it up and bought one because the new Animal Crossing is also coming out…AND, we have Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu to play too, which has been fun.

Everything I have seen from Sword/Shield so far…I’m delighted. The new Galar Koffing? HILARIOUS. I don’t know which one I’ll pick up for myself yet, but I’ll probably lean toward Sword and get my niece Shield.

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I love that little bugger. He’s so adorable with his top hat. And the idea of taking the typical looks of old English factory owners and the factory chimneys, while twisting that to being more environmental friendly is just so funny. Wheezing was never my favourite Pokemon at all, I don’t really go for poison types in my team much, but this little guy just might need to get a spot.

Speaking of teams. Do you all have a basic setup for your team, like what types definitely have to be included? Or is that just me? Mine tends to be, water, grass, electric, flying, pyschic and one open spot for whatever catches my fancy at that time. Every team I’ve had has those types in it (double types with one of those too of course).

Also do you switch out Pokémon halfway through? I’m incredibly sentimental. So I often put my team together early on (based on the above mentioned types I come across first that I like) and then stick with it for the rest of the game. It can be annoying when I come across one I like better, but I usually just can’t bring myself to drop the Pokémon I’ve been training for so long into a pokébox. It would be like putting my cat in storage because this new kitten walked by. I just can’t do that!

Which is also why I still have the goal of one day having an entire team made out of Eeveelutions. Or why I’ve never had Dratini in my team despite loving its design. Yet not likely to get there anytime soon.

I bought a switch not too long after they came out for Breath of the Wild; I haven’t regretted it. I reallylove the console. It is absolutely second to none for being able to easily transition between TV and traveling. I tend to keep it in my purse on anything but grocery store trips. It makes waiting rooms bearable.

I can’t wait for Sword and Shield; let’s go gave me a taste of what it could be, but it was so bare-bones I couldn’t finish it. Breeding is my favorite activity, and you can’t even really battle, so it was missing a lot for me.

So, typically I play “elemental” so, I have a Fire, flying, grass, water, one for HMs (sometimes Ground or Normal), and then a “rotating” slot. Sometimes I use the last slot for one I want to level up. Sometimes it’s a legendary I want to play with. Sometimes it’s just Snorlax 'cause he’s cute. :woman_shrugging:

For the most part, my “core” team stays pretty much the same after about Gym 3. I play with the others for post-game continuation.

I am sure once the new games come out in November (my incentive for writing, so I can play!), I will feel less bad about dropping the cash. Right now, my attention span for gaming has been minimal.

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I love playing Pokémon but I stopped playing after one of my many sisters stole a few of my games and sold them to Gamestop for money. Though I do have Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee. It’s fun! I am trying to get back into Pokémon Go as well but that seems to be my last thoughts for gaming… Maybe I am losing my feels for Pokémon, though Eevee will always be my favorite Pokémon.

I grew up on Pokemon and have played every main-series game. My personal favorite is OmegaRuby, and my current writing project is centered around it/inspired by it. The only main-series games I didn’t really care for was Gen 7 (S/M & US/SM) - I just didn’t care for the story and execution.

I suppose I’m the odd one out in that I’m not as big of a fan of Pokemon Go. It’s okay, but I don’t have any friends that live near enough to me to go around to raids and whatnot, and apparently doing raids solo is impossible, so the game just isn’t fun for me.

Does anybody have a favorite Pokemon evolution line? Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam is one of my favorites despite how fragile they are in battle.

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You’re definitely not the only one @Han-Akuma_Trill . Aside from the fact that I’m physically unable to play it, I’m so not a fan of mobile games. The only reason I know anything about it, is because my dad got hooked on it (and confirmed it really isn’t a game for me).

I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about favourite evolution lines. There are some I like, but often it’s “like that one, like that one, that one is okay I guess” (not always in that order).
And admittedly the further in we go, the less I know entire evolutions lines from memory. It’s only the first two pokemon gens I have completely ingrained in my head. Virtue of much replaying and the anime.