Pitmad, where you can pitch your ready-to-publish novel to agents on Twitter, is coming up!

Will you be pitching, catching, or just umpiring?

Remember not to like a pitch unless you’re an agent. Retweet instead. Make sure to tag your pitch.

Next one will be September 5, 2019. So get those pitches polished!


Ack! I forgot it was coming up again so soon. I have some work to do on my first chapter before that arrives.

I plan on pitching. Now I just have to write the pitch… gah :scream_cat:

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I am working feverishly to finish revising a novel so I can pitch it for PITMAD. Kind of forgot I need to come up with the actual pitches too lol. I’m excited though, I haven’t had a new novel to pitch in about three years.


Is there anyone who has had success with one of these kinds of events? Insecure Writers Support Group also does them two or three times a year, and I’ve seen Carina Press (a subsidiary of Harlequin) do them regularly. The only “likes” I have ever gotten we’re from self publishing groups.

Just curious!

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I’ve had requests from agents, but they all resulted in pretty quick form rejections. I’ve tried it with two different books, and I definitely had the most requests the first time I did each of them, even though people say to try them again at later events because different agents check in (and not all agents see all the tweets in one event anyway). I don’t know if that’s just because these events get more and more popular (to writers, not necessarily to agents or editors), which makes it less likely your tweet will be seen.

But there are definitely stories of people who have found agents through pitch parties. So it happens. But there are just so many pitches versus so little agents, so many people will get few or no requests, let alone successfully find an agents.

Honestly, I just kind of enjoy them because it’s fun coming up with pitches and it’s fun seeing and promoting other people’s pitches. I also like to use upcoming pitch parties as deadlines for myself, because otherwise I would probably never finish editing a book lol. (I LOATHE revising/editing). But I don’t honestly go into them with much expectation for success.


Info on #CarinaPitch.

The next one looks like early 2020. The event runs concurrently on Facebook, as well.

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There are quite a few who succeed. It’s a toss up, really. Thousands of authors trying to get the attention of a few hundred agents only signed in for limited amounts of time.

But, it it definitely worth a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you don’t get any agent bites, you get practice in elevator pitching which is a skill many authors lack.

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Nothing to lose if you’re smart. See this thread for some of the scams going on out there.

That’s true enough. Many of those scams have been around forever.

Any author engaging in social networking has to know how to do their research. Anyone can make a con sound good, but we are our own advocates. Learning to spot the signs of a scam is vitally important.

That said, engaging with #pitmad in general is a “nothing to lose” task. It’s what comes after that may pose a risk without due diligence.