Old-style "hide forum"

In the old days it was possible to hide forums that were not of personal interest. For example I have no interest in “Soundtracks and Music” in the old version I had “NaNo Sountracks” hidden. Similarly various age-related forums and all the genres that do not float my boat were hidden. I see no way to expunge those forums in the new system. :frowning_face:


I’m on mobile so I can’t post the screenshots on how to do this but if you mute the categories they’ll be hidden in most places.

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Everytime I click on a topic the system claims I am not logged in. TEDIOUS!

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Can forums be un-muted?

Are you using an incognito window by any chance? That is one common reason that happens.

Yes, they can. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and click the gear icon. Click categories in the sidebar (second drop down menu on mobile) at the bottom is a list of the categories you’ve muted. Click the x on the one you want to unmute.


No! Using “open link in new tab”

Can you add your browser and OS info to this thread?

If by “incognito window” you mean private browisng no I am not.

Still no resolution as to how to mute forums. By which I do not mean individual topics — sometimes m m will do that but mostly not — but whole scale forums such as “Soundtracks & Music” (I write in silence and have no interest in playlists); “Social Media”; and most of the genres for example “Artisans”; “Adventure”; “Fanfiction”; “Historical Fiction”; etc that I have neither interest in reading nor inclination to write.

This is not an option at this time.

Thank you for the response.

I also miss this function! Made things a lot less cluttered and overwhelming. I can’t focus very well when there’s too much extraneous information. Muting is nice but not quite the same.


I’m also a fan of “clutter reduction” software features that let a user set up their screen to show just what’s needed to keep on-task.

Although, the new menu works much better for me than the old one.

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I was looking for that feature too. It’s tedious to have to scroll through all the forums I don’t read to find the ones I like. Even moreso when I’m on my Chromebook with it’s smaller screen.


This may be something new that Discourse released, or I just haven’t noticed.

Anyway, if you go to your preferences and select categories, if you put a main category in the muted box, it will suppress it both from latest and categories. It does not appear to work for subcategories, but for example, if you wanted to supress an entire area from your general list (say, the Diversions category) you can do that, and it won’t appear in the list. You can still access it as normal through other means.

Yeah, that’s a fairly recent change. I just noticed the change on one of my test installs earlier after I updated it to the current version. :slight_smile:

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It does seem to be a little buggy, though? I’ve had to add EVERY single category. So even if I add the main category, it seemed like I still had to add all the subcats to mute them too. It’s already made my muted box really big, and it will be purely ridiculous once all the regions are added :frowning:

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To get them to disappear from the list, only the main category needs to be added. If it doesn’t show, then its subgenres won’t, either. If you want to specifically mute that many, feel free, but if all you want to do is hide a subsection, then you don’t need to add all the subgenres. But you are correct in that no, it doesn’t inherit mute properties though. Muting a main category doesn’t mute all subgenres.

No muted categories:

Muting just Diversions:

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