Novlr: Novel writing. Simply

I’m happy to bring you this special offer from first-time sponsor Novlr!


Novel writing. Simply.

Hi everyone. I’m Kim from Novlr. We’re really excited to be sponsoring NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, and to have this chance to offer so many of you an opportunity to try and, hopefully, fall in love with Novlr.

Thomas and I started Novlr a few years ago when Thomas couldn’t find the right tool for writing his NaNoWriMo novel. He tried Scrivener and a whole host of others, but ended up using Google Docs because it was the closest to what he needed. It seemed crazy that there wasn’t the right tool out there. So we created Novlr and we believe that we’re well on our way to building the best writing platform for novelists.

You tell us what you need and we build it

It’s our users that lead us when it comes to the next important features. Our roadmap lists what’s coming next, but we are constantly adding more when you tell us you need it. We try and improve Novlr every single month, so you know that it’s constantly getting better.

A design-led approach

We really believe that design matters when you’re talking about a tool that you will use for hours at a time. So we have tried to add features carefully and without compromising on keeping the writing screen clean and calming to look at. We feel it’s our job to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

All the right tools

Novlr obviously saves all your words constantly, allows you to manage and order your novel easily, is accessible from any computer, syncs to Google Drive and Dropbox, allows exports in various formats including ebook and more. It also allows has loads of other nice touches, such as allowing you to write both offline and online - unusual for a web based platform - and offering day/evening and night modes to soothe your hard-worked eyes.

Expert guidance

Everyone needs help with their writing - from inspiration through to grammar checking - so we’re doing our best to provide that support. We integrate that support directly into Novlr. Our advanced grammar checker does everything from spell check to style advice.

Our writing courses include the incredible Tim Clare’s Couch to 80k.

Analyze your style

As writers ourselves we find it really helpful to be able to track how much we’ve written - especially when we’re doing something like NaNoWriMo. We break down your writing stats for you, help you with little nudges of congratulations and try and will try and keep you on that 30 day writing streak!

What’s the offer?

We’re really excited to offer all NaNoWriMo writers 40% off Novlr for a whole year. And it doesn’t matter if you choose to sign up for the monthly or annual plan - you’ll get 40% off. If you complete NaNoWriMo, we’ll let you extend that offer for an extra year. So two whole years at 40% off.

All you need to do is use the discount code NANO40 in Novlr and you’ll have the 40% discount applied for a year. Then when you win, nip to the winner’s goodies page and follow the instructions to claim the extension.

We’re here to help

The Novlr team is small but dedicated and we’ll be around all through NaNoWriMo to help you get to grips with Novlr and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask questions below or email us on or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks, and good luck with your NaNo novels!