No Forum Wipe Before Relaunch

So I got confirmation today that we have NO plans to wipe the Discourse forums before the site launches for real. That means that all of your achievements and such will be preserved (including trust levels and earned badges.)

There will be another data migration (which may wipe things like edited novels on the preview site, that sort of thing) to bring everything in line before that happens. But this should not affect the forums here. I was pretty much given the decision whether or not to reset, and I’ve opted for “for the love of god, I don’t want to do all that stuff again.”

For MY part, this means a couple of things: I’m going to go through and do some cleaning to get rid of silly things, and we’re going to remove some stuff that is more “silly test data.” I may also edit/move posts as I go, and I’ll be filling out all those placeholder forum text descriptions (about this category posts.) Haven’t done that before now because I didn’t want to spend days doing it only to have to do it again.

I will also start work on your beta tester badges.


Are we going to lose our projects and goals on the new site? Or will that just be temporary while the data’s being migrated?

I’m glad they’re not going to wipe Discourse. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m pleased as punch now. It means I can keep going with my planned threads without worries!

@krikkit_war_robot I can’t answer that for certain. I know they’re doing a data migration, and there is a risk that anything could be overwritten in that process, so back up anything you’re not sure you want to lose. Particularly if you’ve entered it on the main site as well, as that will likely be overwritten (such as camp progress.)

All I know for certain is that we have no plans to wipe the forums here.

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Me too. I really, really don’t want to redo all those categories.

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Yay, this is such great news! I’m really glad nothing is being wiped and we can move ahead with things. :smiley:


That’s wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know about what will happen to the forums once the site goes live.

Do you know when the launch will be, or is it too soon to know for sure?

Expect an announcement within the next week or so!


YAY! This is fantastic news :grin:


Ooh, things are moving fast! I wasn’t expecting to get details on this sort of thing until at least September.

It’s kind of funny–I know the wipe was only for technical reasons, and I know there’s no practical benefit to it, but part of me will miss it. There was something exciting about logging into brand new forums, empty, full of unrealized possibility, just waiting for a new collection of NaNoers to descend upon it. (and okay, I’ll admit it: racing to be the first to recreate popular threads in the Fantasy forum! :stuck_out_tongue: I will never deny my vanity)


Wow time flies! The wipe always makes me feel like it’s time for NaNo however I think with testing the new forums and adding to the new site it’s a good idea to keep things and go from there! Very excited for the final launch and I hope filling out the blanks and cleaning up the sub forum works out well :smiley:

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That’s going to take getting used to, LOL. Part of me will miss the forum wipe!

No forum wipe is definitely better for conversation though!

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And for digging up history! I have made many trips to the Wayback Machine in search of specific Nano items and their histories…

Also, old crawls (and their authors). Sooo, soooooooo many.

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I got to the point where I just started screenshotting crawls or taking pictures to put in my ML files.