New tags?

Is there a way to submit new optional tags if something seems to be missing?

You’ve got things like Harry-Potter or Star-Wars. But, you don’t have Doctor-Who or Star-Trek.

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I believe you just type the tags into the box, rather than select from the dropdown. I’ve tried it through desktop and it’s worked, but never tried it on my phone, so I can’t say if it works on that.

Adding new tags is restricted to TL3 users, but I added the two you mentioned just now so that they can be used. :slight_smile:

For real, TL3? I swore I added tags to a topic of mine once upon a time. :thinking: Maybe I’m just trippin. lol Good to know, though.

The setting for the minimum trust level to create new tags was lower originally. :slight_smile: You can use the existing tags at lower TLs still, you just can’t create new ones. :slight_smile:

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Okay, that makes a lot more sense then! Because I’m pretty sure I was an even lower TL when I made that topic, haha.

And you can always make suggestions. Considering a certain unfortunate soul will be keeping them poked and prodded. (And should really do another sorting session tomorrow now more have been added.) So they might always magically appear on the list soon after.

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That’s weird, because it says “add tag” when I am typing up a new thread, and I’m only at TL2, I think.

I may be misremembering what heather set the requirement to then. Anyone should able to tag a thread, but creating new ones is definitely limited. :slight_smile:

When adding a tag to a thread if you enter one that doesn’t exist does it offer to let you create it or does it say not found?

It offers to let me create it. Maybe it’s a TL2 feature?

Checking the admin panel, it’s tl2. Overwritten until more people are settled in!

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