New site and old site appear?

Quick question! I was updated my profile on one version of Nanowrimo, went to the forums, then when I went back to nano the site was completely different with no evidence of anything I had been working on. Same for the forums. Is this a glitch? (I use Chrome on my new Yoga laptop.) It does the same thing for my Google Pixel Phone.

Depends where you updated your profile. The old and new site aren’t synced.

  1. Make sure you’re updating on the preview site
  2. When things get glitchy, I log off, then sign in again. Things seem to show up after that.

When you update things on the main site, it doesn’t instantly update here. The easiest way to show changes is to log out then log in again. That causes Discourse to pull the data from your profile. You can also wait a while but that can take hours or days.