Nesting Comment Threads?

Is there a way to nest comments on Discourse? From what I’ve seen, it seems to post similar to old facebook comment threads (way back before THEY nested :stuck_out_tongue:) and it’s easy to get lost. Is there a setting I’m missing?

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They do nest. If you notice a thread has a avatar in the upper right corner, it’s replying to a post from that person. If you click that avatar it will open up the direct thread, as far back as it goes. Similarly, you can see a link to open the replies to the thread in the lower left corner of each post (if there are replies that are not the next comment)

For more detail, check this out:


I guess I’m just confused? When I think of nesting, I think of the old forums or, say, Reddit, but what I’m seeing on Discourse is comments that link back to the post they’re replying to, instead of nesting. So instead of a format like:

This is a comment!
+Oh hey, I’m replying to the first comment!
++Woah, I’m replying to the first reply on this thread!
+I’m also replying to the first comment!

But what I see is:

1 . This is a comment!
2 . Oh hey, I’m replying to the fist comment! :arrow_right_hook: 1
3 . I’m also replying to the first comment! :arrow_right_hook: 1
4 . I’m replying to the first reply, but because I replied later than 3, I’m at the bottom due to chronological order! :arrow_right_hook: 2

…Which can get confusing on longer threads. Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong?

EDIT: AHA, I see in the tutorial it’s a device-based system, so I’m guessing theres not a setting to override the second style I mentioned and force the first style?

Yeah, mobile can’t do the first, better, system