NaNoWriMo Club?

I’m thinking of working with a teacher to start a NaNo club, or at least a writing club, at school. Is there anything like this where any of you are? If so how do they work? Any tips and tricks on bringing more people in?


This sounds so cool and I hope that there would be some kind of long term writing club as well. I have no experience of starting one but I think that a great start would be to make it easily accessible.

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I’m a co-founder of a writing group. I’d be happy to offer a few suggestions. Here’s a few to consider:

Will the group focus on creative writing (both fiction and non-fiction)? Or, will it focus on helping people with their writing skills?
Will the members offer in-meeting critiques? Our group does not. We only give positive feedback. If someone specifically asks for critiques, then we will.
As the founder, what do you want from a writing group? Your goal may be helpful in deciding the goal for the group. (And you’ll have at least one interested/satisfied member!)
Write up a set of rules for the group, including the meeting format, respect for other members, etc.

Hope these ideas help give you a starting point.

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I am going to second everything she says here, especially the first one! I am a member of a writing group which is sponsored by a local library. We often have new people come in and all they want to do is writing sprints and the like but that’s not what we do. We are more a critique group with the occasional meeting focusing more on just talking about the craft. It’s really important to know what you want to do with the meetings. You can even mix it up some but be sure you know what you want to do at the meetings, especially in the beginning as you are getting started. Once you have a core member group (we have a core of about six with upwards to ten people every month, but we are an extremely rural area), then you can have those members weigh in on if anything needs to be changed or not, what they would like to see happen in the group, etc.


Look into the resources offered by the Young Writer’s Program! They have so much cool stuff over there, including the ability create “classrooms” for teachers, and they can be used year-round!

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