Name for a Neurodivergent/Spoonies/etc lounge

It has been suggested (rightly, in my mind) that we have a social group for people who struggle with mental health, are neurodivergent, have disabilities, or otherwise have challenges that make every day tasks tough.

In the past, we’ve just had a spoonies thread, or mental health happy hour.

But I think you need more.

But what the heck do we call it? Not everyone who is neurodivergent is as spoonie.

This would be your group, so… what should we call it?

I’m adding a poll based on your suggestions in this thread:

  • Pillow Fort
  • Chronic Conditions Couchfort
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Chronic something (comment to suggest)

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I had something, and then I lost it. :woman_facepalming: Ugh. Maybe I’ll remember later.


And if that isn’t a spoonie mood then I don’t know what is. :wink:

Also, yay for possibly getting a forum for this. I’ve totally not been hinting at it for years. Nope, nope. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are not a real suggestion, but I could not help myself:

  • Spoons, knives and other such cutlery.
  • NaNo with hurdles.
  • The pillow fort

But seriously. I will have to have a ponder on name suggestions. It’s definitely going to be tricky to think of something that covers the entire spectrum and is also instantly recognizable.


I like the pillow fort.


I second The Pillow Fort. It’s cute, cozy and invites anyone who needs a space to be heard

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I like the pillow fort… but does it say what it’s about if you’re a first timer to the site?

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I think it is pretty hard to find an umbrella term that would be clear – you need an explanation anyway.


Could the title be made longer to include a list of folks the chat is meant for? “The pillow fort: lounge for x, y, and z” or suchlike?

I’ll add my vote for The Pillow Fort with either an explanation or the longer title suggested by @pipn_t. At least for the moment, though I’ll pop in to check about other suggestions. (I can’t think of any right now either - too hot and my brain is occupied with worldbuilding/editing rather than neurodiverse and spoonie issues.)

I agree that something like this would probably work best if you want to use The Pillow Fort as the name.


I like alliteration so may I offer up Chronic Conditions Couchfort?


I’m seconding Chronic Conditions Couch/Couchfort! It’s a good catch-all, clarifies pretty well to newbies who and what it’s for, AND it’s allitterative. What’s not to like?

(Also, I think most of us would appreciate a nice comfortable couch, come November.)


I like this, but I will say my dyslexic brain took a good minute to be able to sort all the right letters and words in the correct order lol

(very similar, rhyming or words with majority the same letters confuse my brain so badly but that might just be me)


I’m going to second this about the Couch title (I don’t even remember what it was without looking and since I’m posting on mobile, that gets difficult). I think avoiding a name based on alliteration would be good. It makes it hard to comprehend the title and what the thread is for in some cases, especially for people who have multiple mental things going on (speaking from personal experience here. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that title. If it hadn’t been for the original title of this thread, I wouldn’t know what it was for.)

I like the idea of The Pillow Fort with some kind of explanation. Maybe even something as simple as The Neurodivergent Pillow Fort. Just a thought.


If nothing else, perhaps it will encourage people to check it out, and maybe draw in some new people. I wouldn’t want to do Neurodivergent, though, because it’s also people with physical concerns, not just mental ones. :slight_smile:

We could always have a Big Comfy Couch… lol.

(This is @Heather_Dudley on a test account, having issues logging into my main one on my chromebook.)

@Heather_Dudley In case you get logged into your regular account :slight_smile: even though I know you are following this thread anyway.

Ah, that makes sense. Hmmm. I think even Big Comfy Couch might be a little confusing. It’s hard to come up with something that’s all inclusive of any kind of disability without sounding derogatory and offending someone, at least in my experience. It might be worth while to just come up with some really intriguing title that people would be like “what’s that?” and then put an explanation in the first post.

Yeah, we might just go with The Pillow Fort and just include the explanation. Not that anyone ever reads the stickies, lol.

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Lol. True that. Except for us nerdy people apparently. (So including myself in that statement. I read more stickies than I probably need to.)

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No such thing. You can never read too many stickies.


Stickies are usually the FIRST thing I read in any given new category, because otherwise my brain fog might sit around going “where are we again?” for a couple of threads, so I do think we should have one for explaining the purpose of the category regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, while I like The Pillow Fort, I feel like it might give off a vibe of “this is for relaxation and fun times for all”, which isn’t really the intended meaning here either. What about just the Chronic Couch or something like that? Something that’s short but still makes it more obvious that it’s for a particular cross-section of us rather than anyone who wants in.

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