More, more, more! (Profile fields)

Now that Heather’s gotten the knack for it, more (optional) profile fields would be helpful. Genre and Setting would help us answer questions and dispense advice, and while Jurisdiction might hint at nefarious goings-on, it would help with getting accurate advice for legal questions.

Primary and Secondary Language might also be helpful.


We don’t want to add too many. :slight_smile: Then the thing will be huge and unreadable! I can potentially add a few as profile options, but not everything will show in the user card.

The first paragraph’s suggestions are best handled with tags. Questions will depend wildly on what active novel you have or are asking questions for. That’s information best suited to the novel info itself.

Primary and Secondary language might be helpful as profile options, if you have that showing, but like I said, we don’t want a lot of stuff in the user cards. Those need to be kept lean. :slight_smile:


You can see what a cluttered mess it can become in a hurry:


Looks fine to me, actually. I guess the fields can’t easily be columnized.

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Seems to me that there’s a little bit of mixing that’s going on. I know some people don’t write the same kind of thing year-to-year, but they do have some constant items that won’t change as much.

Could there be a chunk of optional fields that are more “profile”-like, and a chunk of fields that are more project-specific?

For example . . .

  • Pronouns
  • Language (1st, 2nd, …nth)
  • Jurisdiction


  • Title
  • Genre
  • Setting
  • Word Count Goal

And writing philosophy–plotter or pantser (or some hybrid, plantster or whatever).

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I do like the idea of “full name” or “pen name” as well, if we can swing it ;D

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Full Name is an existing field, it’s controlled by the single sign on with the site. If you look at my profile you’ll notice it says Cinnamon Fridge under my username. That’s the full name field.

All of those would be better handled by the site, and most of them already are :slight_smile:

Jurisdiction would basically duplicate the Location field. And let’s be honest, if someone isn’t willing to fill out the location field with at least their country they aren’t very likely to fill in the Jurisdiction field either. :slight_smile:

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It would give people who list silly locations a second try to get it right.

Or they can choose between a silly location and a helpful one. :slight_smile:

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That should go in the FAQ.

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Where is the novel information? I don’t see a listing on the cards or the profiles.

OK, then what about a “pen name” field, then? It could help to connect a person’s profile to what they write under. Alternatively, it could be used for people who go to the in-person events (Kick-off, Write-ins, TGIO, etc.) to have a name there that is easier to introduce to instead of a username.

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Here’s my user card from my dev install:


Does that make the issue more obvious? Each field ends up on it’s own line, so the user card just grows and grows and grows as you add more fields. :slight_smile:

(And yes, some of those fields are completely silly :P)

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That’s something that I’m hoping they fix on the site side. In theory they could just turn off the option where the Full Name field is overridden by the SSO payload. It would then be set initially by the first sign on (when the account is made in Discourse) but still editable on Discourse. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to do that, but it is a possible fix. :slight_smile:

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Again, I’m not really seeing a problem. Add only those fields that are frequently helpful in answering questions or making suggestions, and the card shouldn’t be very long.

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It’s not in the Discourse profile, and it really shouldn’t be. There probably should be a link back to the site from there. That would require a bit of dev work though.

If I have to leave the site to find out what kind of book the Wrimo’s trying to write, I’m not going to even bother with it.

Yes, they should list setting and genre in the question they’re asking, and they sometimes do, but only sometimes.

How tall should my tower be? will get different answers depending on whether they’re writing Fantasy, Cosmic Horror, or Historical Fiction. Will he go to jail? will get vastly different answers if the setting is modern day America than it will if it’s set in Medieval Spain.


That’d be nice, because right now it seems redundant having two fields that are basically the same with the exception that one has spaces and one has underscores.

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