My rebel project this year technically falls under the category of “memoir.” I don’t normally read memoirs. I don’t really like them. I think it’s a pretentious genre. Like, “my life is interesting enough for other people to read about.”

That’s just my opinion, but it means I never thought I would be writing a memoir for Nano. But when the idea hit me this morning, it wasn’t conceived as something that other people would read. It wasn’t even conceived as something that I would read. I decided I wanted to write about all the teachers I had in school growing up as a way to help me think about teaching and grow as a teacher myself. So really it’s the writing exercise I’m after.

Anybody else attempting memoir, and why?


I’ve tried to write a memoir, but have no focus for myself, but then I realized I have one of the longest serving service dogs (16 years and counting), so maybe writing his memoir of being a service dog would be helpful to people who don’t know much about living with a service dog.


That’s a great idea. My “memoir” isn’t really about me, but my memories about a bunch of teachers I’ve had.

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