Medical/Art/Police & Military Response

The following are areas I would consider myself advanced to expert level. Many of these are jobs I have actually had and several are current or past in-depth studies.

Art & Art History
Entertainment Industry - Art Production
Video Game Production & Design
Human Anatomy
Medical School
Internal Medicine
Surgical Procedures
Trauma injuries & treatment
Pregnancy & Obstetrics
Police, Fire, EMS & SWAT responses (including response plans and techniques)
911 Dispatching
Prepping & Survival Skills
Military Training

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So. Emergency response, Paris, France, and let’s assume current year because I’m writing Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. (Timeline? What timeline?)

Arsonist at work: first target is a cheap long-term-stay hotel, second is this building, third is one of the other buildings adjacent the park in the left of that image. There’s also a false alarm at a residential building somewhere in the same fictional arrondissement as those three buildings. The fires are magical in nature, which everyone responding knows is a possibility–especially since the fires aren’t spreading past those three buildings and aren’t going out–but no official source is sure of that until after the third one starts, which is a couple hours after the first. Probably relevant: it’s midweek and the first fire starts at most two hours before midnight. Not sure if relevant: the mayor is a known corrupt incompetent.

I’m not sure how many emergency personnel are going to be involved, what the scenes look like in terms of casualties and triage and evacuation and whatnot, and what to expect city and community response to be, particularly in terms of making sure the people who get out substantially unhurt get somewhere to sleep and something to eat.

(I’d kind of like it to be the fancy hotel owner’s daughter’s idea to donate a couple nights’ stay to as many of those people as the said hotel (which is a block from that park) can fit, but if someone with authority has already voluntold the hotel to make room, then that won’t work. That hotel might not be their first thought, since there’s a school across the street from the second target; the classrooms wouldn’t be the world’s most comfortable place to sleep but it’d work. But the school’s proximity to the target building might rule it out as a shelter, I’m not sure.)

Also, since Our Heroes are a handful of people with (nontransferable) fireproof magical armor and absolutely no training in emergency response past whatever one would expect a random Parisian teenager to know, they’re definitely going to offer to help evacuate people from the third target, but I’m not sure whether whoever’s in charge of the response would accept, or what instructions they’d give Our Heroes if they did accept.

Definitely relevant: ML!Paris’s response to magical disasters, after like seventy episodes of living under the shadow of a magical terrorist, seems to be a resounding “meh, Ladybug will handle it”, except for the assorted recurring characters who are willing to help Ladybug when it looks like she needs it. Which, since a substantial fraction of the city drowned in “Syren” and everyone was fine by the end of the episode and the property damage didn’t stick around either, seems a pretty reasonable response to have! But again, emergency services aren’t sure this is a magical disaster until a couple hours after it starts, and Ladybug’s not going to be able to reverse the damage in a timely manner this time.

And are there any important questions I haven’t asked?

Thanks again!

I’m in America so this is my American answer. It could be different for France but probably not by much.

It wouldnt matter what time of day or night it occurs - the Fire Dept is on duty 24/7/365 because they have rotating shifts. Because this is a fire in 3 different buildings it would be a “3 Alarm Fire” and require the response of multiple stations and possibly multiple cities. For example the Paris Dept may need to pull resources from neighboring cities to help. A typical response would be no less than 4 engines (with the small ladders), 3 trucks (with the big ladders), 3 Ambulances, 2 Air Trucks (to supply refills on tanks of air, drinking water, and oxygen masks), 3 or more Battalion Chiefs (to run the show), A fire investigator, and an EMS supervisor. The police department typically sends 4 to 6 of their own units to go block and control traffic and crowds as well.

A simplification of the attack would be this: They would set up on 3 sides of the bldg if possible to survey how extensive the fire is - there will be a team posted outside of at least 2 men while the others go into the bldgs to evacuate poeple. The incident commander (whichever Battalion Chief is acting as the leader in charge) would absolutely not allow any civilians to enter the bldg again so your heroes will have to sneak in.

If there is a large amount of people displaced by the evacuation then the Incident Commander will have someone else (the Logistic Section Chief) find a facility for everyone to stay. They have authority to force a school, hotel, etc, or other mobile shelter unit to house the evacuees.

Now because the fire is magical and doesnt respond like a typical fire - they may call out a Hazmat team and have them and the fire investigator look into just what the heck is going on. Which could be problematic for anyone who may be trying to keep the magic a secret! Dun dun dunnnnn

I hope this answers most of your questions - it’s a loooot of information but you can always simplify it further and just have an idea of the full response in the back of your mind.

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I figured time of day and day of week might matter because I know they matter places like Seattle where there’s lots of commuters.

Thank you so much!

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So as long as the cars are moving, they do attempt to get out of the way. I’m in LA and it is hard at times to make room for emergency vehicles, but will happen as long as it’s not a complete gridlock (at which point, I should point out that many cities have sidewalks large enough for a truck…). And nothing makes someone get out of the way faster than having a siren right next to them.

Also, emergency vehicles have devices that automatically switch red lights. Traffic always goes the direction they need it to go.

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