Me: Green, Green Newbe with Questions

Hi everyone (@Heather_Dudley). This is my first rodeo. I hope I will be able to pull this off. While I think I understand the basic gist of the project, I want to understand a couple things about the site, like CAMP NANOWRIMO. Is this affiliated with the official NNWM site (this one), and if so, how do they work together?

Also, what If I start writing a bit before November 1st starts? Is that allowed? I have the basics of my idea in place and lots of notes already. It’s really hard to just sit on my hands.

Thanks in advance.

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(welcome to community EZ_Linus)

@Hexgirlfan Thank you! I just realized now that there was a random questions thread I should have posted in. Ooops!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo!

Camp and NaNoWriMo used to be separate, but I believe that now they’ve fully merged. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

As for writing a bit before November 1st: technically you’re breaking the rules, but it’s all on an honor system. Do you feel it’s cheating to start early? There are a lot of people who do start early, and just add their early words onto their total goal: for instance, writing 1,000 words before November, but making their total wordcount for nanowrimo be 51,000, so that they write 50,000 new words during nanowrimo.

(your welcome and its ok)

You’re welcome to start before November if you like, but we strongly encourage first-timers to start fresh on Nov. 1 the traditional way. Why? Because you only get one first NaNoWriMo! There’s nothing quite like that first time, win or lose. Challenge yourself to do it the traditional way first, and next year try it a new way!

If you decide to start anyway, remember to only count words you wrote during November.


Not anymore. :slight_smile: We changed that rule some years ago, but we do strongly encourage people to start fresh, especially their first time.

@darklyndsea I see what you mean about starting early. I won’t count any words I write before Nov 1st. And I will stop working on it. I mostly wondered if it was okay to write down my ideas. I don’t know for certain the genre, for instance. I have a title, an idea, and some notes. A couple vignettes. That’s all really.

@Heather_Dudley, I will do it that way then. Thank you.

I guess CAMP Nano is NOT for pre-writing? I guess I didn’t understand what it is for exactly.

Oh, sure, write down the ideas! Do whatever planning you want to do. Some people write short stories with their characters in different situations (scenes that won’t be in their novel) to get familiar with them. Some people have very in-depth planning. Really, anything that’s not actually writing the novel doesn’t count.

I guess the rules from my first nano have stuck with me. :wink:

A lot of people use Camp for outlining and sometimes starting a longer project (or finishing a previous NaNo)

@Xander_Writes That makes sense! :slight_smile:

@darklyndsea How many have you done?

I started in 2006. Successfully completed 6 nanowrimos, probably didn’t get more than 2,000 words any of the other years.

@darklyndsea I am afraid I won’t get very far either. I have only written one book in my life. It was very long, but it took me many years to do it.

Six is a lot!

Don’t lose hope before you’ve even started! My first nanowrimo was the first time I’d written anything near that length. It’s easier to do when you’re surrounded by people who are doing the same thing. The forums are full of people and very lively in October and November. And if you join a region, you can go to meetups and write with other nanoers (…in the same place, not on the same novel) in real life.

The #1 tip for nanowrimo is that a first draft’s job is to exist, not to be good. It’s always tempting to agonize over every word, make sure they’re all perfect, but it really does work best if you turn off your inner editor and just let your first draft be what it is. Revisions are when the story actually gets good, but you can’t revise what isn’t there. :slightly_smiling_face:


@darklyndsea You are right. You cannot revise what isn’t there. I know I have to keep that in mind. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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It took me years to win NaNo, you are hardly alone if you don’t reach 50k your first time!

I agree with @darklyndsea about getting something on the page. It will most likely need major revisions, but better to have it there in the first place. The experience is the best part, I find. Very thrilling once you get on a roll.


Thank you for the welcome @coolkat.

Well, believe it or not, I also have all day to write (pretty much), I have an art career I have to also tend to, which does take time, but I’m trying to X-out November to just write. I already know, however, that I am a very slow writer. I know because my first book took me a year just to spew the first goobledegook draft, then eight more years to edit! No joke. Two of those years was full time. But I’m going to do my best. Thanks for the notes on not backspacing because I know you’re right. :slight_smile:

First sorry for that huge post! I tried to delete it but they don’t do that in a hurry I guess! Okay Mr. Ian Woon spells NaNoWriMo and formerly invited anxious and/or playful Wrimos to the Dirty Tricks forum. All kinds of ways to not-really-write Literary-level fiction. I think the official title of the “controlling forum” was Reaching 50K and the Dirty Tricks are so much fun just to read! Silly stuff. It’s good though for lightening the serious load that sometimes happens to WriMos, don’t really know why. Good you wrote your book to the “end.” No book is ever finished.The “greats” from the past were editing constantly and so must we, I guess. However, for NaNoWriMo, the idea is to see what happens when you send the inner editor on vacation. Mine took off a couple of years ago and good riddance.