Maximum number of bookmarks

Yesterday Discourse said I had hit the “maximum number of bookmarks” (118 then), wait 2 hours and try again. After the 2 hours I could bookmark again, but soon ran into the same block. Pruned down my bookmarks to 71…but still got the same message! I can bookmark again now, though.

What is the actual maximum number of bookmarks (all time)? Is there a daily cap? And is it possible to raise these limits?

I believe the cap is got how many you can bookmark in a day, not how many you can have.

Yeah, the limit is daily only. :slight_smile:

Heather, I’m so impressed that you keep track of everything without bookmarks! :open_mouth: A daily cap isn’t too bad.

I’d love a page where we can see all our current Watched Threads at a glance, across categories. Threads only show up in Unread if there are new posts…

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There is a list. :slight_smile:

When viewing your notification preferences for the categories there is a Show link just above the list. That link takes you to this page. There is a similar link for the tracked and muted lists as well :slight_smile:

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:star_struck: A bouquet of roses for you!