Marvel Comics

Hey guys! I have been recently getting into the world of Marvel Comics and would love to make a thread for people who’ve read them. Both so that I can nerd out about the comic characters (Kate Bishop anyone?) and so that I can get more reccomendations for comics to read.
So I guess jump in, say hi, and let me know your favourite comic run! Mine is the 2012 Fraction run of Hawkeye.

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Woohoo! Marvel fan for life right here!

I am really partial to the Warren Ellis run on Excalibur. It gave me my favorite pairing of all time Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom. Kind of made me a diehard fan of that trope of a guy and a lady who take on the problems of the world and do so while shamelessly flirting, arguing, and making snarky eyes at one another. I love them to pieces. I have hopes of a Pryde and Wisdom TV show on Fox because it fits the Fox formula for dramas.

Squirrel Girl - because like what Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) is doing with her character.

Ms. Marvel - again because I like the author - Saladin Ahmed .

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I’d say I’m a general Marvel Fan. Specifically, X-Men. I have Rogue and Storm tattooed on my right leg, with eventual plans for more…just haven’t drummed up the cash yet.

I think my most current favorite run has been X-Men: Blue. I don’t keep up with the current runs much (except for Ms. Marvel), but it caught my eye by chance in my library’s online catalog. I don’t usually like time travel, but it made it work.

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Ooo hey everyone! I’ve not heard of Excalibur, might havw to check that out! I am kinds intrigued by both Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel, they sound like fun characters. And I wanna read some of the Xmen comics one day, but I am faced with the issue of there’s so many comics I don’t know where to start!

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I, too, am an X-Men fan. Most of the comics I’ve read have been X-Men or like Wolverine’s solo stuff. And the comics I own are mostly X-Men, Wolverine and Deadpool, with some Spider-Man there too. I’m not a big fan of Avengers, there’s just something about X-Men that speaks to me more.

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I don’t read Marvel comics, I’m just a fan of the movies.

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X-men is defnately something I need to get into at some point. Just need to find the time! Where do you suggest I start?

Tbh, lately I’ve been reading random comics and then being drawn into others from there. Like, I started The Totally Awesome Hulk, and from there got dragged into Civil War II, which, tbh, I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

You should totally read them! They add so much more character to the characters especially Hawkeye, he’s so bad in the movies compared to the comics! and also if you’ve read the comics you can sometimes know stuff ahead of the movies, like Kate Bishop is coming into the MCU in the new Hawkeye show and I’m so excited for that, because I’ve read a lot of her comics!

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Honestly I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ve read random stuff like the one album I have is from Chris Claremont and the title is just “X-Men from Chris Claremont”. I also liked the Avengers vs. X-Men story line, but I don’t know how much you need to know about stuff that happened before. They explain stuff, of course, but they explain stuff kind of poorly. Like the whole Jean Grey debacle is just explained in the easiest way possible.

Maybe. But I’m just not that interested about comics.

Why not, though? They have the visual side of movies - actually it’s often better and more imaginative - and the stories are WAY better.

I don’t know, they’re just not my cup of tea, so to speak. And not to get anyone mad, this is just my opinion, they’re just a tad too childish, comics that is. All comics, not just Marvel’s.

Have you read Maus, Watchmen, Sandman, or Preacher?

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No, I haven’t

Those are all adult comics (but not Marvel). Maus even won the writer The Pulitzer and The American Book Award. Watchman even caused a tonal change to the conversation.

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Ok. Well, that’s still not quite what I meant. I didn’t mean that there’s comics for children and comics for adults. Just that comics are just childish. And I wouldn’t even know where to read those comics you mentioned. I doubt there’s any here where I live.

Many of the comics I mentioned can be purchased at bookstores or borrowed from the library. Especially Maus.

Not from my small town library and I bet they’re not even translated :wink:

I am really curious what their translated comics section looks like.

Readcomicsonline is my go to site for finding comics - it has preeetty much everyone I’ve needed so far! Not sure about translated stuff though.

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