Major Characters

I have no splitting off power yet, so here’s a new topic for major character descriptions (emotional, mental, physical).

My July 2019 Camp novel:

Main protagonist is Lise Debrault, who is 23 or 24 years old and an apprentice mage in a masquerade world that resembles our own. She’s autistic (in fact, is a lot like me with added face blindness/prosapagnosia and painful sensitivity to light touch). She’s 5’11"/180cm, stocky, with medium brown hair and green eyes. She has a cat (who owns her, and may be something like a familiar - I’m not sure on that yet), and is blunt but polite in expressing her thoughts. (She has a minor rant on how being blunt is not the same as being rude, and she is not rude, thank you very much, in the first chapter. :wink:) She tends to prefer wearing loose clothes on top of tighter underclothes (aka light t-shirt on top of tight camisole, for example).

My other protagonist, who has appeared but not as a main character just yet, is called Andrew. Don’t know their surname just yet. They have an androgynous build, and short blond hair with dark streaks (and yes, it’s originally blond, not dark hair with light highlights). Pretty sure their eyes are brown, but Lise hasn’t really taken in their different facial features yet, so I’m not sure yet. :wink:


My main protagonist in the series I am writing right now is Micaelee A.K.A. Mica Tomei, he’s 17 years old and can be currently labeled as undead, but not a Vampire. He was brought back to life by a Necromancer named Amelia Madore, whose around 4 to 5 hundred years old. He has to do her bidding if he wants to continue ‘living.’ His parents abandoned him when he was baby, so he does have parents issues to deal with. He’s half American :us: and half Japanese :jp:.
He’s 5’5", weighs about 148 pounds with a slim/almost average build. He has green eyes with short choppish black hair. He has a familiar that can talk named Zira that has the body of panther/savannah cat. Doesn’t like many people, but that is slowly changing as time goes forward. He wears…inexpensive clothes…Guess I haven’t defined his clothes much.

Amelia is my other protagonist, she’s 5’0" tall and weighs 134 pounds with a slim build. She has gray eyes with long black hair done up in a bun held by chopsticks. She’s Greek :greece: and has a vine tattoo by her eyes. She’s blunt and can be rude but that is because she is rebellious against authorities including her father. Amelia is her nickname and not her actual name but she refuses to give up her real name. She wears tight fitted jeans and a tank top.

The two have a love-hate relationship right now :woman_shrugging:.

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