Magical Realism

So my project this year is going to be centered around the magical community in the Midwest (mostly Chicago), and so if anyone has anything they think is really cool in city-style magical realism, hit me up.
Some examples that I’m working on incorporating would be fairy-run coffeehouses, magic graffiti that changes when the cops are around, magic tattoos that can be used for stuff or like turned into physical objects or something to that effect, etc.
any and all suggestions welcome, or just conversation on what a magical version of an urban landscape looks like is cool too :v:


Blues Brothers is the best English language example of magical realism I know.

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Hm… drawing from manga as well as from certain novels, I’d say things like secret doors in the library that lead to elfland (or wherever your fairies are coming from), a magical book in said library that draws the reader into a parallel world, a monster living in the subway tunnels that occasionally grabs a passenger and the cops know it but don’t do anything about it because the sacrifice to the monster keeps the city safe or something, a ghost or spirit that takes residence in a car stereo and chats with the owner whenever the radio is turned on… things like that.

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If you’re interested in Dungeons and Dragons, the Dimension20 webshow focuses on urban fantasy! The first campaign they did was Fantasy High, which was a high school based adventure. The second which might be more useful for you is called the Unsleeping City, based in New York and focuses on players being exposed to the magic which keeps NY running.