Looking for Steampunk Music

I’m writing a book with a variety of steampunk cultures but am having trouble finding music to match. I mostly listen to YouTube but enjoy Pandora as well.

I get steampunk vibes from dark cabaret. Aurelio Voltaire, Circus Contraption, Caravan of Thieves, Curtis Eller’s American Circus, Humanwine, This Way To The Egress…

(I don’t know if all of them strictly fall under the dark cabaret umbrella but they give me steampunk vibes, so I’m naming them.)


Abney Park.


Clockwork Knotwork? (I’m not sure it’s all the same people as The CRAIC Show, which is distinctly more to my musical taste, but it’s enough of the same people.)

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YASSSS ABNEY PARK steampunk music staple! so steampunk they even got books lol


Clockwork Dolls, particularly the Dramatis Personae, has a very steampunk/airship pirate feel. not only feel, like literally that gets sung, ther’es an airship and stuff…
and of course Abney Park, one of the strongest steampunk bands i can think of


Steam Powered Giraffe! :smiley: Friend of mine introduced me to their music and yep yep yepppp.


You might want to check out Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, The Romanovs, and The Dresden Dolls.

Another one I discovered recently: Escape the Clouds.

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okay, but what if you found late Victorian music (violin music, what have you) and then brought up the ambiance of clocks and gears and played both simultaneously? I love layering sounds like that.

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