Legend of Zelda

So I am. Obsessed with Revali from BoTW, and am going to write some wish fufillment “sad lonely bird learns to love” fanfic, and I don’t want to fill up the general BoTW thread withmy love and plans. Anyone else loving them some zelda characters?

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Purple link from the 4 swords manga is great. Vaati is splendid as well, and have we mentioned literally any character in Twilight Princess cause they’re all great


Ok I love love LOVE the mangas, despite their not following the timelines in Hyrule Historia (because they were released out of order and also a lot of them were before the Hystoria came out-)
I loved the Link to the Past manga. I don’t remember her name, but the theif girl who was one of the last of the hylian bloodlines along with Link and Zelda? yessssss- She good. She had an earring that became the tip for the arrows of the bow of light- but yeah.

It’s kinda funny because Majora’s Mask was the first manga I read- ever- and it’s my second favorite Zelda game.

Hhhhnnng I just-
I have much love for the mangas and regret getting rid of most of mine…

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