Launch update!

You should have received this email from either camp or the main site, but if not, either way we’re going to post it here so you know what’s going on! Be sure and check this out, as it containscritical updates regarding the launch for this year.

  1. Yes, this means the old forums will shut down and you’ll move here permanently. (No forum wipe will be performed, all progress here will be preserved!)

  2. You will be able to access all information for a good long while (indefinitely, at this point, we have no set date for permanent removal.)

  3. Bugs reported in the Preview Site Bug Report forum have been ticketed. We’ve got several development priorities, so know that we’re still working on those. Current priority is regions. Login issues are next.

Exciting news: we’re moving on to the next phase for the redesign of our website! NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo will both take place at starting in 2020. What does this mean for you?

  • Starting in mid-August 2019, and will redirect to the redesigned version of the website at The redesign is still underway, so be sure to check back in September for the full launch! If you need anything from the current version of the websites, you’ll be able to visit, or These archives will remain up indefinitely. In the meantime…
  • …We are preserving your important information on the redesigned site! Your username, bio, other profile details, and writing project history will transfer over seamlessly.If you have a profile at and, we will default to your profile information in the merge. So, if you have different bios, profile pictures, or other details on each site, make sure the one you prefer is on We’ll also add both your Camp writing projects and your NaNo-novels into your new unified profile for a complete history of your writing!
  • We won’t be saving Camper Messages, buddy relationships on either site, or NaNoMail. If you have messages you would like to save, or buddies you don’t want to lose track of, you can take screenshots, or copy and paste information now, or later from the archived sites!

We are still stamping out bugs and finalizing features, and we really appreciate your enthusiasm, patience, and support. We’ll continue to keep you updated!

Seeing if we can get some seven-league boots for this next stride,

Tim Kim
Program Director

We are still in active development so we are still releasing new features and repairing bugs as we go. We can’t give ETAs on fixes, so please don’t ask!

When this change happens, reporting will be moved here to the #support forum.


When has this email been sent? I do not remember seeing it in my main email; I also checked my secondary (gmail, that I’ve used in connection with nanoonly toopen Google docs). Nothing.

Of course it is possible that I’ve seen it and thought it was just another of those asking for a donation, but weird.

Yeah, checked my settings on both new site (the setting seemed to be only for whether I get emails from forums messages [no, thanks]. On old site I have everything allowed (emails sent by staff)

Edit: As I was writing this I noticed a nanomail with the contents quoted here.

I just received the email about 10 minutes ago for my old NaNo account I haven’t used in years. Still haven’t received it on the email address for this account.

I think that NaNoMail was in response to us saying we missed or almost missed the email

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I received the email on August 8, so just over 3 days ago as of this post.

Looks like the new one was sent on August 9, so you may be getting another one.

I have nothing from nano HQ in my email inbox. Of course it is possible, that I’ve deleted it by mistake, thinking it’s just one of those asking for donation (I do not delete them unopened but usually just glance at them).

I’m following a couple of rather lively mailing lists so it possible that I’ve hurried through the mailbox.