Last thing you ate or drank

What’s the last thing you ate or drank?

Me: chocolate-covered almonds. :yum:

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Banana goop.

Costco Hotdog

Banana pepper. My coworker brought a bunch in, so why not have a vegetable?

I just had lunch, so pretzel goldfish with sharp cheddar and spicy brown mustard and tea.

We just had a Costco open here, but I haven’t been yet. Are their hot dogs really as good as people say?

They’re larger than normal hotdogs and as far as hotdogs go they’re the best I’ve eaten.

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Twisted Tea, raspberry flavor - it’s been a hard couple of days back at work but too hot to drink real beer.

Black tea.

Cider “Gay Joe”. A tiny bottle (and now to bed…)

2 Morningstar Farms (so, vegan)corn dogs w mustard for lunch. Delish. I wish theyd make mini corn dogs, so I could really eat like a kid again.


I finally finished the bottle of Mountain Dew “Voo Doo Mystery Flavor” that I bought last week and have been avoiding finishing…which is sad because it’s only a 20 oz. bottle.

The flavor is candy corn. It’s disgusting.

(Full disclosure: it is probably not really ‘candy corn’, but it is disgustingly sweet and I will not be buying another bottle. :nauseated_face:


And coffee will be the next thing I’ll drink, too. :wink:


Hot toddy. Mmmmmm.

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I had a dinosaur-shaped doughnut with strawberry icing for afternoon tea. Am about to nuke some pasta for my dinner.


A bowl of yoghurt with raspberries, banana and some cereal :yum:



Earl Grey Tea

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A sandwich at Costa. And I am about to drink a latte and then a mineral water, fizzy of course

I miss Germany and good German cheeses and breads - the breads especially. I spent 8 months working as a baker’s apprentice to the baker in Hoeckelheim - the one at the bottom of An der Schule - oh, no, they changed the name. What did they change the street name to? Angerstrasse? Or An der Amtschuene?