Jump to end of thread on mobile?

Just a question: is there any way to jump to the end of a thread on mobile except by scrolling for ages? I just entered one of the play threads with 300 replies and getting to the end takes ages.
On PC you can just grab the scroll bar right to the bottom but not on mobile since (for good reason) not everything is getting loaded at once.

Otherwise this might be something to implement :slight_smile:

When I use mobile there is this number in the bottom of the screen that shows what message I’m currently reading and how many messages there is in the curent thread. (As an example 25/65) Click the number and you can use the scrollbar to go to the bottom.


Oh cool thanks! Though it seems buggy sometimes. I clicked it once and the button just vanished without the new popout but in the next thread it worked.

Also if you tap the numbers beside the “scroll bar” you can drag down to the bottom (doesn’t work if you hit the actual “scroll bar” though)

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