Ja Ja Ja Ja July [Group Chat]

We’re halfway there! What are you attempting this July? Camp? Cause Camp is good.

This thread is still over at the old site too!

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Big goal this month I don’t want to do,but really need to do.

  • Get a new job.

My boss got fired on Friday and all I can think about is how this will create more work for me and I won’t be paid for it. Really want to just bash my head in.


This is also my goal for the month! So no Camp NaNo for me, unfortunately. (I feel like a terrible ML, but I gotta do me right now. lol) Filling out applications today. Honestly even considering quitting on the spot and finding some way to get by without a job, it’s that bad.

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Meh, half the time when my region does something for Camp no one shows up for the events (and then everyone is surprised that no one showed up). Most people can’t handle more than one month of noveling. And it doesn’t help that November then burns them out on writing the rest of the year.


I’m starting a Writer’s Block Relief class designed to put an end to procrastinating, and actually get some writing done on a regular basis. Well, I’m going to start the class. I signed up for it last month, but then I had to work extra hours to get my desk cleared off for vacation, and then the vacation happened, and … well, you can see that procrastinating on anything comes naturally.


I am preparing the wiki for everything that needs to be updated before NaNo 2019, including this new site’s updates, and archiving my old NaNoMails and buddies/buddy ofs. This is turning out to be more challenging than expected, especially since I barely touched the wiki last year.

Oh, and Camp. If I ever figure out what to do for it…


Setting up a phone interview with potential new employer! Ahhh, I hope this works out. I need to leave my current job now!


My Camp goal is 100k split between three projects:

  1. Outlining/zero-drafting an epic fantasy
  2. First draft of a dog training book
  3. Revising the dog training book I wrote last NaNo in hopes that it will be ready to query this winter.

I expected to spend most of my energy on the first two projects, but so far, I’m really interested in the revisions, somewhat interested in the first draft, and completely ignoring the existence of the outline project. That may change as the month goes on.

I’m counting the sections I’ve revised as if I were writing them because revision takes an equivalent amount of time/energy (so editing a 2k section counts as 2k of writing even if I only change 300 of those words, because I still had to process the piece as a whole and make decisions about all 2k words), but that uses such a different “muscle” from the outlining/drafting process that I think I may be able to bump it up to more like 125k. We’ll see. I ended last NaNo at 95k and I am determined to clear 100k this month. It didn’t seem that important in November, but man, that less-than-5k difference is driving me bonkers now. Hitting 100k (instead of the 50k I’d originally planned for July) would also put me back on track / slightly ahead of schedule for my half MilWordY, because I got off schedule this spring.


Sweet, this is finally working for me! Before when I would click the link from the old forum, there would be a glitch or something and it never actually brought me to this thread. Glad I found it! Here’s what I posted in the old forums the other day for my goals for the month:

  1. read 3 books
  2. win camp
  3. declutter bedroom
  4. declutter craft room
  5. declutter basement
  6. lose 7 pounds
  7. complete 20 wedding tasks
  8. complete 10 entrepreneurial tasks
  9. read 2 bridal magazines

Yeah, the forums have been glitching a bit. Hopefully that will happen less and less as we get closer to November.

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For the record, I have been incredible lazy this week while I’ve been on vacation. All I’ve done productivity wise is write. Which has still been going really slow.

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Finally on my day off after a rough 3 days at work. Slept in until 1pm… it’s 2:30 and I already want to go back to sleep. I’m just done. So exhausted.

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Okay… this is gonna take some getting used to, but, I do like the white space, and I finally found the ‘bookmark’ for the thread, and, if I’m being honest, that’s the only really really important part to me about the forums, everything else is

Me for this month is get the whole ‘Jury Duty’ approved moving forward (maybe they’ll actually let me move courthouses… yeah… they’re not going to, but, I’m gonna request it anyway and we’ll see) next week for October. Ugh… It’s been like 15 years, how did they find me again (and ironically, 15 years at the same address, and 15 years of voting and having ID/License, so, it’s not like I got lost in the system. Doh!)

Good luck @Xander_Writes and @yuuen Hope that you both find somewhere better and right for you (I know it isn’t that easy, but, good vibes can’t hurt).


Interview passed and I got the job! Can’t wait to turn in that resignation letter at my current job. I think they’ll :poop: a brick because they’ve gotten away with pushing me around for so long that I get the feeling they think I’m ok with it. (I couldn’t leave due to medical issues, not because I was ok with the BS. lol)



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Hello everyone! I’m moving out of my flat this month and am packing boxes while doing Camp NaNo :smiley: It feels like quite the challenge to do that and work fulltime but it’s going well and it’s something to do so that’s cool :muscle:

And also congratz to getting the job :raised_hands:

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way to go!! what sort of work will you be doing?

Well I didn’t get a new job this month but I do have the new boss. We’re going digital - all the plans and projects are going to be online, so I’m using that to negotiate wifi in my “office”. And next month I get my annual raise aka $25/paycheck (roughly). So I got that going for me.

Strangely, I have lost a little weight even though this is one of the few months that wasn’t listed.