Inktober 2019 (Prep and discussion)

Hi All!

It’s super early but are any of our Artisan folk looking to balance their October with planning for Nano while drawing for this Inktober? Yes? Yes!

Let’s help each other reach our inktober goals! Whether you’re following the official prompt list, another list of prompts, or deciding to throw all caution to the wind and make your own (hello, it me!).

If you’re throwing all caution to the wind - what are your plans? Are you pantsing it, like a novel?
Or have you got a secret plan of attack?


I’m probably going to at least try Inktober. I tried it last year but I didn’t draw as much as I would’ve hoped to. Maybe this time I’ll do it for reals!

Last year I tried the official prompts and they mostly worked for me. I’m gonna see what they are this year and try them


Are the official prompts up already?

Not yet - according to the official twitter they’ll be released on the 1st of September. (But that’s not far away, either! :scream: )

I’m curious, but also tossing around the idea of doing a texture study instead of the official prompts. Something like the “100 texture challenge”, except not quite so many and not so out there, maybe? Metals, marble, stones, wood, that kind of stuff. Last year I was determined to do backgrounds, and it went relatively well - so I wanna try and do something similar this year. Build on a skill I need to work on.

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I’m going to be trying Inktober this year! I’m using it as an excuse to actually learn how to digital art, since lately that’s been pushed farther and farther back.


I tried last year (lasted for six days, I guess) and I’ll try this year again. The official prompt list worked for me, so I’ll probably go with that this year as well. I’m not really an artist, not even that good a drawer and I have so far had a really specific style (I mostly draw wildlife) so this year I really want to be more diverse. I really hope to learn some sort of character design or at least to draw human figures instead of nature. If I were more comfortable with character design I’d probably try to do whole month of characters to the prompts but I guess I’ll see what I manage to do this year. It would be great to be able to do something like 31 character designs for October, I could really use that as a possibility to reimagine some of my old characters from different stories or do any kind of characters from my original stories.

Maybe I should at least try… I’m no good at human figures, though… Might be an issue.

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I’m contemplating doing Inktober, some kind of simple drawing along with using it as a prompt for a poem. I haven’t 100% decided though.


I’m considering, as I’ve never done it before. I don’t draw all that often. In fact, I usually go through the same bursts I used to with my writing (draw a lot for several days, months then without doing so at all). Therefore it would be interesting to see what I could come up with.

I only draw pencil on paper, so it wouldn’t be that hard for me to try. You would think. But my sibling is definitely doing it, so maybe they would keep me accountable.


Uh, what is Inktober?

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It’s a drawing/art challenge during October where you create art using ink as a media. Others create digital art, others are more traditionally based (like me) and use pen and ink. It has an official prompt list but not all use it and choose to do something else. Basically it’s like nano but for artists.

Sorry, this isn’t a good explanation as I’m a bit newbie still. Maybe someone else can give a little more full explanation about it.

Well, it’s a good enough explanation :smiley: And in this case, I’m not gonna participate, obviously since I cannot draw :slight_smile:

whispers I totally use it as a flash fic challenge, since I also have no visual art skills.

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whispers back I don’t also have skills to write flash fiction. My stories tend to…

lol I’m glad I’m not the only one mad enough to do two month-long time-consuming challenges in a row wheezes

I’ve pantsted Inktober in the past two years and it didn’t go well at all (I’m a notorious second week dropout by now), so I’ll be trying to prep this year by using September to brainstorm and sketch in advance. Hopefully a finalized sketch a day but uh. I very much know how quickly plans like these fall through xD And another way I’ll be making it a lil bit easier on myself will be making good ol’ tiny drawings instead of anything big (A6 is the current plan). Let’s hope starting uni won’t completely destroy my plan to for once complete this challenge wheezes.

I’m signed up for the inktober mailing list and that should get the prompt list in the next 3-4 days, so I’ll probably throw it here for y’all once I get it! ^^

Ooh I love this idea! If you decide to go with it then I’m 140% gonna cheer for you : D

Oh and a question for everyone who already decided: What medium/supply/technique are you going to use? I thought about going digital this year, but digital inking is still my least favourite part of the entire process so I think I’m going to use it to bust out some old dip pens and coloured inks I got a while back and hope they still work lmao.

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I feel like I should try to do it, since I want to become bolder with my inking skills. I think that would be a great idea. I haven’t done it yet, but hopefully will do it this year.

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I’m probably going to do small art as well, my normal sketching paper is A5 and normally my drawings are something like 5cm max as it’s the easiest size for me to do loose sketches. My hand just doesn’t want to do anything bigger when I’m trying to do something that’s not too serious and if I’m keeping my stuff loose enough. I guess Inktober’ll be a good practise in finishing my pieces. I normally draw with charcoal and leave my drawings sketchy and unfinished. It’d be nice to finish something finally.

I’m probably going to go with traditional pen and ink this time. I have my Sakura Pigma fineliners that are somewhat comfortable for me, so I think I’ll mostly use those. I’d love to try digital art but I don’t have anything to draw with. My computer still doesn’t have even a photo editor and I don’t own a drawing board. And my tablet doesn’t support any apps I could draw with. So I’ll just stick with pens and fineliners as my medium, maybe I’ll bring out my watercolours as well if I want to colour. Last year I used watercolours in couple of my pieces as it’s still a new medium for me (I drew roasted chestnuts for the roasted prompt last year.

//Edited to remove typoes :roll_eyes: Typing on mobile is a pain


Inktober sounds interesting for me but my spare time will be spent prepping for November pen and paper. I normally don’t follow prompts when I prep. (I’ve never done Inktober before but sometimes can veer off.) So I’m going to not participate in the way Inktober is meant to be.

I have a new smaller notebook for Inktober this year. Last year there was a last minute issue that prevented me from doing it.

I’ve also learned there’s a Goretober and and a Kinktober if generic prompts aren’t your style.
(Do not complain to me if you look up either of those things and don’t like what you see or read. With names like that you should know better)


Inktober sounds interesting, and I am going to try to do it this year. Prompts are not up though, is it?

Not yet, they come up at September 1, although according to the Inktober home page, mail listers (I guess that’s a word now :smiley:) get it a week early.