I'm in Like Jail!

I liked too many posts and now cannot like anything else for another three hours! But I am reading stuff that I want to be able to like.

Anybody on here with me?


You maxed out Likes, you’ll get them back tomorrow (bonus, higher trust level means more Likes per day)


Would it be ironic for me to “like” this?
I have not liked to full capacity, no. As much as I check in on this forum and like things every single time, that has not yet happened. Maybe I need to try harder.
How many “likes” did you give??

(Also, has anyone else noticed that you can’t do continuous ellipses? It stops after three dots and won’t publish any more than that, but it’ll show in the draft. I noticed this because I use and abuse ellipses like crazy…)


When I try to like now it says three hours. Do you know how many likes I get then?

How many likes do Regulars get?

Yes! Be ironic. :smiley:

…Fifty likes. The system limits you to fifty likes and then grounds you from liking anything for four hours.


It’s probably because it’s converting them to an ellipses character rather than leaving them as periods.


TL1 = Base
TL2 = Base *1.5
TL3 = Base *2.0
TL4 = Base *3.0

I thought the base was set to 50… And there is a badge you get for using 50 likes in a day (and another for using 50 likes for several days)


In theory, it would do a second ellipse… but I diverge far from the topic.

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That’s part of it. It actually won’t let you do that with any character without using some tricks. !!!

This is what I typed above:

That's part of it. It actually won't let you do that with any character without using some tricks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a common way trolls try to annoy people so Discourse blocks it. :slight_smile:


Makes sense. It also prevents me from abusing ellipses. lol.


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