Ice Cream Snacks in America

What type of ice cream snacks are available in Washington DC? I’m thinking of things like Topsy or the ones on this page.

I’ve Googled ice cream, ice block, iced lolly, and ice pop.

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I don’t know about DC specifically, the weirdest stuff will turn out to be some parts of the US only, but here are some safe bets:

Nestle Crunch vanilla ice cream bar
Jolly Rancher ice pops
Drumstick cones
ice cream sandwiches
my personal favorite, Reese’s Klondike bars

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There’s so many… In the US in general:
Klondike bars
Ice cream tacos
popsicles of varying kinds
There’s a Häagen-Dazs place in the Union Station in DC (at least, there was in 2002 when I went there on a trip).

I grew up in the suburbs around DC and you can get what you linked. I think both, or something similar, were on the ice cream truck that came through my neighborhood.

At an actual grocery store, there is almost anything if you find the right store - not everyone carries everything, but you can almost always argue there’s one store that carries something obscure (unless it specifically doesn’t sell in the US, but what are the chances of someone knowing that?)

Edit: used Google Magic: Osem is Nestle so anything Nestle sells in the US is fair game.

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I’ve always preferred ice cream sandwiches. But I also like the kind that comes in a little paper cup with a wooden paddle for a spoon.

Are you looking for specific names like those on the Osem page you linked to? Or just general terms? e.g. popsicles, push pops, ice cream cones, sundaes, banana splits, ice cream sandwiches?

Rechecked the link - I mean, we have Nestle ice cream products here too. Though I’ll admit haven’t seen some of those flavor variations.

I remember that the first time I ever saw a food cart was outside of the Space & Aeronautics Building of the Smithsonian —Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Which had previously only existed in a small kiosk in our local mall, in my young mind. It was very exciting.

But yeah, pretty much anything you can think of, and you’ll find it in DC.

Are you looking for specific names like those on the Osem page you linked to? Or just general terms? e.g. popsicles, push pops, ice cream cones, sundaes, banana splits, ice cream sandwiches?

I’m looking for both - specific names characters can interact with, plus general terms that I can refer to in narrative.

e.g. “Can I have a Raspberry Magnum?” Tony requested (or) Tony picked up a box of popsicles and put it in his shopping cart

I should clarify - these are “Choco-Tacos”

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I have a friend that works for Dippin Dots. They are apparently a very specific brand that has to be vendored to a location specifically by a Dippin Dots franchise because they need such a cold cooler (I wanted to use the term ‘ice cold’ but that actually doesn’t apply! It’s colder!). I still haven’t had any but I’m now so curious.

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You can find knock-off brands in the grocery store now; usually near the ice cream. They’re not bad; but the novelty isn’t the same.

I did try them once. I felt it was not quite worth the price tag, but I’m a bit fussy when it comes to ice cream (you wouldn’t have known that when I was a kid, though).

A chipwich. Always a chipwich!

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If it helps anyone research-wise, I think this term is regional, too! I live in San Diego and everyone here refers to it as a cookie sandwich. I’ve only ever heard it called a chipwich by people from out of town. No matter what they’re called though, they’re bomb.

You can get space ice cream from the Air and Space museum too. No idea how it tastes though. :laughing:

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Choco-Tacos are one of the stranger ice cream based desserts I’ve had, but one of my favorites since I love waffle cones but occasionally find the classic ones too large, while the Choco-Tacos has a waffle cone that is a nice size. (I was so upset when Taco Bell stopped selling them, so now I have to buy them when I see them)

Dippin’ Dots is an interesting one, and while you can’t find it in stores you can find vendors at places such as zoos, sports arenas (I’ve only been to a baseball stadium, but I would think they might be in other sports arenas too), and amusement parks. If your characters hit any of these places then this ice cream is probably around somewhere.

Astronaut ice cream reminded me of dry Lucky Charms marshmallows.

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Does anyone call push pops “push-ups” instead? I’m referring to the orange, kind of sherbet, frozen treat.

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Don’t forget frozen custard! I don’t know if you can get that in the Washington D.C. area, though.