I didn't receive the "autobiographer" badge but don't know why

Hi guys,

I tried following @SepiaAndDust’s tutorial to receive badges but it seems I’m doing something wrong. Every other badge I tried for I received instantly but looks like I’m forgetting something for the autobiographer badge.

I have an avatar (which transferred from the original site I reckon?), I filled out location and website and… nothing. Then I thought, maybe I should try changing my avatar to see if that works, but I can’t find the option for that either…

Best case: I’m stupid :slight_smile:
Worst case: Bug ?

I noticed all the other users that have received this badge have some text in their profile. Did all those import from their original nano accounts? I never had any text there… I tried adding text to my nano profile both on the original and the preview nano but it hasn’t changed anything yet and does not appear on my forum profile.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think you have to fill out your profile on the new site and possibly your fave books and authors. Just hover your mouse over the empty profile box, click the gear setting button that shows up at the bottom left of the profile box, fill out your profile, SAVE, then if it doesn’t appear, refresh the page and it should be there. I hope this helps! :smiley:

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Do what @Birdie_Boo said and fill in the bio on the preview site. After that logout and log back in to force the profile sync. Otherwise it won’t sync until your forum session expires and you access it again. That and avatars are the only parts currently synced although some other parts are suppose to as well. Location and website don’t sync, which is good because the site allows multiple links where discourse only supports one :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking the could do location sync but it would require custom coding on the authentication plugin to sync them and I like being able to have separate ones personally. Take a look at profile and you’ll see why :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay it worked! Thanks @Birdie_Boo and @CinnamonFridge :heart:

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@Birdie_Boo I’m sorry to bother you but I’m having trouble following your instructions. I am not really able to put a bio on this site, and I filled in my bio on the other NaNoWriMo site, but I can’t see any changes here. Would it be possible that I did something wrong?

Logout of your account here (it will sign you out of preview as well) then log back in and it will sync. It only syncs on login or when your forum session expires and it forces the single sign on session to be renewed :slight_smile:

EDIT: wait, did you update it on https://nanowrimo.org/ or on https://preview.nanowrimo.org

If you updated it on preview the above will work, if it was the on the regular site you will need to update it on preview to have it sync here :slight_smile:

Ahh I see. Thank you!

I only updated on the regular site because I’m not sure where I should put my bio on preview :sweat_smile:

Ah I figured it out! Thank you :smiley: