I Can’t Seem to Write Synopsises

A synopsis. My poor novel really needs one. What I’m about to say sounds really inexperienced, but I just can’t seem to write synopsises.

They always seem to be to long, or fake, or uninteresting. I bet there’s a correct way to do this. Maybe I have been writing them right and not relizing it.
Help is appreciated.

I wasn’t sure what category to put this in, so mods change it if necessary. Thanks.

Good question. I would think #story-development but I’m not 100% certain either. :slight_smile:

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I think so. :slight_smile: This is a writing-related thing. The expanded purpose of the development forum suits nicely for writing-related stuff that isn’t aftercare or plot doctoring. It’s not off topic if it’s about your novel!

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Concentrate on your first and last paragraphs. The first should contain all of the relevant information from your first chapter–you’re setting up the world, identifying the characters, and setting off the inciting event.

The last should be a condensation of the end of your book–resolving plot points, finishing character arcs, and mentioning any issues that weren’t resolved.

The middle should be every other major event.

Depending on who’s reading your synopsis, you only have 500 to 1000 words to work with. If you can’t fit the middle of your book into your middle paragraphs, then you gave too much detail somewhere.

Use 3rd person (usually), and keep your writing active. Leave out anything that isn’t very important to the section you’re writing about, but you will want to include feelings and concerns, especially when they’re motivations for later actions.

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(hint: plural is “synopses” not “synopsisies”)

Another term for synopsis is “elevator pitch.” As in, you get into an elevator with the Publisher/Director/Mover-and-Shaker of Your dreams, and you have 30 seconds to pitch them your story.* Make it succinct, and make it awesome!

*note: please don’t stalk people to pitch at them in real life, you should deliver a pitch only when asked, but feel free to pitch to anybody who acts interested in your coffee line, airplane seat, classroom, write-in, etc.

You could also think of your synopsis as a movie trailer. What voice-overs, images and lines of dialogue would you show to make people want to see your story?