Html in bios

I went to edit my profile on the website and I guess I’m a bit disappointed that there is no formatting at all in terms of images, links, etc. Is that completely nixed? I liked being able to make my profile pretty on the old site.

my bio is also completely bused on the forum after changing it on the website so hm


I’ve tried a few different ways of formatting and none worked. :-1:t3: Even simple bold and italics would be useful. I did have cute images on my old one, but I could understand that being taken away.


I’ll concur its a little bit of a bummer. I’m going to miss my little Pokemon pals :frowning: Some people put them in their signatures, but mine was already so long, I stuck them on my profile the last two years.


Yes, I would love to see HTML in bios come back. I know quite a few folks have multiple links to their sites in their bio, not to mention using basic bold and italics to organize into sections.

I do appreciate having a section for links in the basic bio info, though! That makes adding multiple links much easier than working them into my bio.

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I guess in the case of hacked images, I could get it, but you could limit images to a certain host (imgur, or even upload to the website if possible). But no markup? Boo.

It’s also very much possible that this is something that will be implemented in the future, but just hasn’t been added yet. With a site this complex some things get priority over others. That doesn’t mean they aren’t coming though. And by giving your feedback that you’d like this to return, I’m certain that it will get on the list of future updates. We’ll just have to have some patience until the code fairies, aka the tech team get round to it. :slight_smile:

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I’m really hoping they implement formatting on the main site in the future. Right now there’s an odd disconnect because if you use Markdown formatting in your bio it will be used here on Discourse but not on the main site.


I was testing it last night/this morning, but probably a month ago when I was on site I could still use bold tags and line breaks. I can currently use neither now. So something changed in that month span.

I didn’t say anything at the time but those things were API usage violations. they called your word count from the site, so they weren’t supposed to be in sigs anyway.

They cached the results of the calls. The issue with the NaNo badges were a combination of them being generated by NaNo’s servers in real time + using the API