Hopeless in Forums

I have no idea what I’m doing here! Using the forums that is. My expertise in this milieu is zero. I’m pretty hopeless and this is usually where I give up and withdraw from interacting!! Hopefully, this appears in the Newbies Forum and someone reads it!! I really do want to make an effort to interact this year. I want to get proficient and overcome the nervousness I feel when entering these virtual places!
It seems I’ve started a new topic. No idea if that’s what I’m supposed to be doing (see what I mean about being hopeless) to introduce myself.
Please let me know if I’ve got this wrong. I’ve never used forums before. They freak me out. The last time I wrote in a forum was when I first joined Nano - years ago. I’m going to persevere this time.
Wish me luck. LOL!!


To be honest, this is my first proper time in a forum too :sweat_smile: the only advice I can offer is to just take your time to look around, see what conversations are happening and just chip in. There’s no pressure here, we’re all here to have fun and chat about the things we enjoy :blush:

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Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

There’s nothing to be afraid of, my experience is that most people are very helpful and welcoming on the NaNo boards.
Maybe for starters it’s best to check out your genre lounge (if you know what you’re writing already) to find writers with similar questions, interests and problems. Or any other kind of writing group (be it age groups or whatever. Or regions, once they’re up).
Forum games (edit: in the “diversion and procrastionation” section) could also be a good place to start, since it somehow gamifies replying and interacting which might minimize nervousness and anxiety.
Also, it’s perfectly fine just to lurk and be a read-only forum user, no pressure (I lurked for months before I even had the courage to sign up but that was ages ago xD).

Good Luck! :)6


I have years of experience in admining and moding on various forums and this one scares me too :sweat_smile: we’ll get through it! It’s mind over matter and mind is this wholesome community :slight_smile:

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Nothing to be afraid of! Be sure and do the new user tutorial, check out the FAQ (I just updated and posted it yesterday, link’s in the main menu up there) and take it a little at a time. You don’t have to learn it all at once, and Discourse is actually designed to ease you in gradually!

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Welcome! I’m learning this new forum myself. It takes a while to get used to it. Check out your age group or genre group and see if that helps you. :slight_smile: Coffee house is another good place to visit.

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Think of it this way, this forum is new to most of us. We are all trying to find out feet and figuring out how this entire system works as we go. So this is actually the best time to get started. Because none of us know what we are doing and we can figure it out together.

It can definitely be scary to interact. But know that NaNo has one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever come across online. Wherever you look you’ll find people willing to interact with you and help you out. There is no topic strange enough or interest niche enough that you won’t find at least someone to talk about it with. We are writers after all, we like peculiar conversations.

As a mod I want to add. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Even if you were to put a thread in the wrong place or get a bit lost, we are here to help you find your way. This new system has a host of functions that let us gently coax threads over to new homes. So nothing you do is permanent. There is always a fix if and when needed. But I’m sure you’ll do just fine. After all, you are already doing it. :slight_smile:


Hey no worries, back when I was a newbie the NaNo forums seemed a little scary, and tbh the new site stressed me out a little because I didn’t think I would like it as much. But hey, now I’m super comfortable with it and I love messing around on here. And as @Elyndra said, we’re all new to this forum in some capacity.

But as a writer my advice to you is: DONT GO ON THE FORUMS its a wormhole that you will get sucked into and never want to actually do writing, trust me I know lol.

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Welcome! The writers are friendly. I promise. As long as everyone is respectful this is actually an excellent space to get your introvert feet wet.

I would describe myself as introverted and don’t participate in any other forums nor social media. I’m not overly active on these boards but I have never been made to feel uncomfortable when I do. I hope that will be your experience.

I’m still learning this new site but once I figure out how to add you as a buddy I’ll reach out. I’d be happy to hold your hand a bit if you would like.


Well hi! Welcome! :smiley: I understand the place can be more than a little bit intimidating. I remember that from my first time. Go to the more general topics/threads, you just feel lost. Go to more specific chatting places… Everyone already seems to know each other super well.

SURPRISE, though! All of us who seem to know each other super well and seem clique-y… That’s just your intimidated brain yelling at you. Which I get, but… We’re not clique-y. We love newcomers, I promise! :smiley:

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I still feel like a newbie, looking at names I’ve seen for a couple years. Always feels like everyone has been around longer than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

How else will we take over the world with the writing of epic tales if not by constantly dragging welcoming in new people? Totally not a cult, promise. :wink:


Same except I’ve been around since 2011

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Good luck! You’ll do fine.