Hiding Images WITHIN forum posts

I use an ancient computer and browser to view the site. My fault, I know. However, will there be any way to hide gifs or other images within forum posts? What about if a user posts a NSFW image? How will that be handled?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I did try searching. The new forum setup is not very user-friendly, even after tutorials.

Just curious. Not a dealbreaker. :slight_smile:

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Generally they’re not allowed. We’ve never allowed explicit or violent imagery.

However, just like text, you can hide images with spoiler tags. The gear icon in the compose window has the option to hide details.

Is he trying to break into my house?

and it works for images…

If it’s used to hide content that breaks the rules, though, we’ll ask you to remove it.

No, I mean for a reader to not see them at all. Not for an image that I would be posting. For instance, if I’m casually scrolling, and then there’s an image. Gifs especially load slowly on my older system.

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When you find a way, let me know. I can block all images, and I can block any individual picture, but the “shape” of it will remain. Finding a way to pretend an uploaded image isn’t there has proven difficult.

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Not in our site settings, no. However, there should be an option to do within your browser itself. You’ll need to google what the specific instructions will be for your OS and Browser specifically. For example, Chrome has the option to block or allow by site, or at all.

You can also get browser plugins that will allow you to block specific images. That may or not be available depending on the age of your browser and what you use.


OK, great, thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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