Hand Writing

How many of you are like me and doing it the old-fashioned way? I’ve already amassed a pile of notebooks and pens (among other things) and am ready to write come November. Come share with me the types of notebooks, pens, and any other low-tech odds-and-ends that you’re using this year! (Seriously, I could use more notebooks. Give me some recommendations please!)

  • EXCEED brand Hard Cover Ruled Book x4
  • Pilot G-2 07 pens in black, blue, and red
  • Series Bible
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I’m absolutely a hand-writer, though I’m not picky about my materials. I’ve got a box of notebooks my mom and I picked up from Staples because they were on sale for four for a dollar or something ridiculous like that. As for pens, whatever black pen I find in the pen&pencil drawer will do.

Heh. I bounce between writing modes. Though lately my handwriting has been on my new MobiScribe, which is basically an eInk notepad…

(If you’re curious, it’s at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mobiscribe-the-e-ink-notepad#/)

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I don’t handwrite my novels because I’m slow and have a heavy hand (aka cramps within 2 minutes). BUT I do handwrite nearly all my notes! I collect way too many notebooks, and as long as the paper is good, lined, and the overall design of the notebook/journal is pleasing, it’s fair game. I get a lot of value store notebooks that are cute and encourage me to carry them around because I love showing them off.

Unpopular opinion on notebooks: I hate Moleskines. Never liked them as an art student, and don’t like them as a writer, either. I find the paper too flimsy. I had a knock-off Moleskine I loved 1000x more than an actual Moleskine, because the paper was thicker. lol

As for pens, my current favorites are the same brand: Paper Mate InkJoy. Their gel pens are smudge-proof, which is amazing (especially if you’re into writing letters or thank you cards fyi) and their ballpoints double as great drawing pens. The gel pens can bleed a little, but not like Pilots I’ve had, and again… no smudge! The ballpoints I like to use for general writing because they don’t bleed, last forever, and have smooth, thick lines. I like them for my planner, too.

I use the 0.7 gel pen and the 100RT 1.0M ballpoint.


High five! Same here, lol. I did start my latest novel on paper though, but my penmanship is kind of bad so I used cursive. I drew one of my own MC’s for the first time too so I’ve been excited about that. But a lot of times I use my phone because it’s portable and my computer lid is broken. I’m trying the whole writing by hand a bit though.

One of my most recent projects was handwritten. The first draft. I don’t see myself doing it again, but I love doing outlines and taking notes by hand!

  • most often I use Pilot G-2 pens, the ones you listed above, but I was gifted a box of Jetstream Uni-ball pens (1mm) and they work okay too.
  • I don’t like spending money, so most of my notebooks are just cheap $1 ones. In my experience, spiral bound ones lay flatter but I have a habit of laying my free arm on top of the spirals and they fall apart faster. Composition bound are what I prefer for writing, spiral bound for notes.
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I always go for spiral bound – it’s a built-in pen holder!

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I don’t write my novels by hand, but I’m definitely on team handwritten notes! I have a few notebooks specifically for when I need to get away from online distractions and out of my own head and just put things on a page, but I hoard notebooks for all sorts of other projects too.

My current NaNo notebook is a cheap one from IKEA, but I’ve been toying with the idea of dedicating a proper Leuchtturm bullet journal to NaNo when I have the time, for trackers, meal plans, survival kit, wordcount rewards, and other stuff I’d like to do properly to keep me motivated and organized through camps and Novembers.

In my “basic” pencil case for my NaNo notes: For the writing, I have some mechanical pencils I default to a lot (especially my Pilot H 125C Progrex 0.5 and my Pentel P205 0.5), some Palomino Blackwings, plus a whole lot of pens. I draw a lot, so many of my pens do double duty, but the ones I tend to pick for writing are my Pilot G-Tec-C maica gel pens (colours!), my Pentel Document Pen, and my Platinum Preppy. I have a light blue Pilot FriXion for highlights.

(That said, while I’m a hopeless sucker for stationery any day, I sometimes make do with the super cheap notebooks from Søstrene Grene or a basic notepad and whatever pencil or ballpoint pen I have handy, too. The nice stationery is a fun bonus and motivator, not a requirement!)


Yeah, cheaper and nicer in every way. Screw Moleskine.

While I can usually get into a “zone” easier when I’m typing, sometimes it’s just easier to carry around a notebook and pen. It can be rather cathartic to handwrite too. So, while I totally am more of a typist, I still do a healthy dose of handwriting --even during NaNo!

The past few years I’ve mostly handwritten and then typed. I’ll likely do the same this year. I use fountain pens, though I haven’t decided on an ink for 2019. So many options.