So this is something I’ve heard about for years. I’m confident in my writing ability, so I never looked into it nor considered it as even an option. However, starting college has shaken my confidence in ways I didn’t expect! I’ve never received less than an A for a paper. Not since high school.

So when I took a professional writing course last semester, the second one I’ve taken, I was stunned when I got back one graded with gasp an 88. :confused::worried: Turns out, the way I’d used my commas all those years was wrong, wrong, wrong. To be fair, last time I had a legit English course was in '99.

I pulled through the course with an A (barely) but it was tough going. I learned a lot.

So my hubris deflated, I’m more open to possibilities. I’m also a writing consultant in my Writing Center at school, and someone mentioned Grammarly. If my fellow tutors use it, why not me?

So I downloaded it yesterday, and I have to say… I like it. I practice my writing every day, particularly here. When you run a community for writers, trust me, they notice when you mess up!

I also added the word plugin, and it’s helping me catch things. See, I don’t need general grammar or spelling help. Aside from the odd typo, generally my English is error-free. It’s the technical stuff, the commas with conjunctions, stuff like that. It seems to work nicely with the software here, and on Facebook.

So who here has used it? Thoughts? Thoughts on Pro? I’m thinking of going pro when my student loan disbursement comes in. I am a professional writing minor, so I need every edge I can get to maintain my GPA. I don’t like B’s.


I just today clicked through to a Grammarly ad and wondered whether it would be worth the hassle.

My biggest concern is that while I do a lot of professional writing, its in the legal field, which regularly breaks all the grammar rules. I’ve had to turn of Word’s grammar function because it has a stroke over legal use of passive voice.


That’s my concern. Fiction writing emulates speech which doesn’t ever abide by written rules and I’m already fighting Scrivener about that!

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I use grammarly on the basic/free plan to fix the mistakes it shows and it has helped me to make some realisations as English isn’t my native language.

I paid for premium during one of their sales and it only costs just a little over $1 a month for me. Honestly, I love it and it does help me find the more “technical” flaws in my writing (passive voice being a big one). I do like how the Word plugin does allow me to identify the kind of writing I’m doing, especially if I need to switch between short stories, novels, blog posts, or magazine articles.

I think it’s worth it, and I share it with my wife as well (skews my stats a little, but it’s helpful to her with her business).

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I think I’ll be primarily using it for academic writing for the near future, but it’ll be nice to “retrain” myself from some of my bad habits. I’m bad about using commas with conjunctions unnecessarily. Comes from a childhood lesson where I was taught to put commas where you pause naturally while speaking, I believe. AWFUL advice.

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