Got my idea for November!

Wasn’t sure I was going to do it this year, and have never done anything other than a novel in November in 10 years of participating, and today at lunch I had an “aha” moment, got my idea, and it’s a rebel project! But I have one and I can’t wait for the site to fully launch so I can declare it! Whoooo!


That’s such a great feeling! I’m happy for you. Still waiting for my idea to come along, but I have all day to brainstorm and look for inspiration. And congrats on your first rebel project! I’m a forever-rebel, so welcome to the club. lol

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I have 3 projects to consider, but I have an idea for November. :slight_smile: War Beast seems to be the top choice. So far it looks like I’ll also have the rewriting process of A New Beginning going on too during November. (I think that part will be rebelling.)

I have my idea too :grin:

I have my NaNo planned… :smiling_imp:

I have two ideas to consider. Originally I planned to rewrite one of my old nano-projects, that evolved wrong when I last wrote it and getting that right is most likely going to be my main focus this year.
But I got my ‘aha’ moment this morning about a new story and I simply cannot stop thinking about it.

I usually rebel by having two stories that I write during nano. If I get stuck in one, I switch to the other and switch back after a while. Take a bit of an distance for a day or two on my main-project and return to it with a fresh mind.

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As per usual, I have too many ideas and am not sure which one will be the most NaNo worthy when I get there.

Wait, is it really less than two months until November?

Yes it is. Time is running short in picking one, or two. Three or more could pull you down unless you use it to your advantage.

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Last year I did write in four of them, with a fifth that I stopped feeling and therefore dropped. Still, must prepare!

You can actually announce that project right now, and when the new NaNo “event” goes live, you can associate it with this year’s November challenge (as a reference, I have already announced this year’s and next year’s project on the preview site—I just set the dates so they align with the NaNo months).

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Whoo! Announced the project! Earliest ever this year (I blame the beta testing), and I’m SO exciting. It was such a thrill, announcing my project on the new site. Like it was 2011 again and I was announcing my novel on the old new site.

I’ve had an idea for quite some time now! I sadly still don’t have the right title… so far, I’ve been referring to it as something something MASK
I have done character planning mostly but a lot of the plot is still missing. I will work on that the coming weeks though :smiley:

I can’t believe it, but I actually know my novel before October (or, more realistically, October 29). I’m excited to create a novel out of a screenplay I was working on, but stuck on one point. I had an “aha” moment and realized I was stuck because it was meant to be a novel, not a movie.

Now, I just need to come up with a different framework for the story and I’ll actually be ready on Nov. 1st!