Going to Rebel this year - writing articles

Hello everyone,

Last year was my first NaNoWriMo, I finished a novel with 60k words and while I did edit a bit (rewording sentences here and there, adding a few scenes to chapters I already wrote), I kept a pretty linear writing process, I started with the beginning and worked my way to the end by adding to it every day.

This year I need to make time to write articles for my website about health and food. And then I thought ‘why not in November?’ Since I don’t have any ideas for a story that I haven’t already started, (and to be honest, most of my novel-sized stories are at the stage of editing and rewriting), so I figured I could use the word count of NaNoWriMo as an extra stimulans to get my articles going. Hopefully I’ll be able to write 1 each day and end up with 30 articles.

I may include a bit of fanfiction too, because why not, if I’m rebelling I might as well rebel in my own goal XD

So, long story short, I’m joining the Rebels this year.

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Sounds good to me.

I have a quarterly column in a local magazine that I always have to write during November. It consumes at least one day’s worth of writing time so I always count that in my goal even though it’s not part of the official project.

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If you’re doing a cookbook this year, can’t it just be both?

I count those 1000-1500 words no matter what I’m working on.

It’s writing during November, it gets counted. :slight_smile:

What I’m saying is, couldn’t you just use the same recipe for the advice column and the cookbook, just with some slightly different editing?

I probably won’t because I did tips on party trays for the Fall column, which covered the holiday season. Winter I usually do a craft of some kind and some sort of hearty soup.

I’m also planning to rebel this year, part of which will be writing articles (as well as a series of fictional letters, from prompts, within the world +/ actual narrative of last years story and poetry (and probably also free-writes for the crappy days where I just need words no matter what my MH thinks about the matter).

Really didn’t feel inspired to just write a narrative this year for some reason… felt a lot more like changing things up and having variety.

Sometimes it is best to take a break from actual writing of fiction and do something else. Depends on the person, of course.

I have been a couple of times felt that I’m empty, no stories coming at the moment. This April I had translation project instead of writing, and once my project was designing a fantasy font.