Goals Page Broken?

Firstly, I just wanna say thanks to all the NaNo peoples and mods for their hard work on his new website! Y’all don’t get appreciated enough.

Alright, so I noticed last night that, on the main site, when I went to my project and clicked “Goals,” a page saying “Oops, something went wrong!” would pop up. I figured maybe it was just a glitch or something and I tried it again this morning. Same thing. I also went and checked to see if it was just my page, but one of my buddies’ pages was doing it as well. It’s nothing too major, but I figured I’d leave this here anyways!


I seem to have the same problem. Also clicking “back to all projects” did that a few times, but now it’s working.

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I’m also having this issue when I try to update my projects or profile. It only happens sometimes, so I suspect that we’re just running into some bumps since we’re trying to work on the website while development is doing updates and sometimes it just goes poop.

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I suspect the same.

Between this Oops! error and the constant logouts, it just feels like a lot of updating and construction behind the scenes.

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Hey, y’all! First thanks for the reports, and for the appreciation. As I was reading through this thread, I literally said out loud, “Aw, Wrimos are so flipping nice.”

We just pushed a fix to smooth out some issues similar to this one. Could y’all give the site a refresh, and then go through and see if these things are still happening?

@Destined_Pirate Just a quick question: Did you set your privacy settings to hide your projects? Kind of a side note, but that will help me to know whether things are working correctly or giving errors randomly.


@Tim_Kim I gave the site a refresh and, to me, it looks like it’s fixed. Yay!
To answer your question, my privacy settings are set so that only buddies can see my projects.
Thanks for all you do! I know us Wrimos appreciate it a lot! :smile:


And perfect, that’s what I wanted to hear about your privacy settings. That seems like it’s working as intended, too.

Thank you! :partying_face:

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