Getting hangry!

Doing that don’t eat for huge blocks of time thing. I don’t remember what the Beloved calls it. I call it torture.

I am about one hunger pang away from munching on a cinder block.

“Intermittent fasting” is the term you’re looking for.

I can only do it when I’m busy so I forget to eat.

Yeah, that’s the one. I’m only doing it because she’s doing it.

Gotta say, though, it seems to be helping out with the blood sugar going all wonky.

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The hanger is real with me and everyone I know knows it. Though hanxiety may be even more real because them I start worrying about all the little things that could go wrong even more than usual …


I get hangry and hang-squirrel. I get very ADHD when hungry. Makes it hard to prepare food.


My co-workers have learned that I get hangry, and my manager is to the point where, if I am getting upset about anything, he’ll ask if I’ve had lunch yet…
Or I will mention that I am definitely having lunch in the next few minutes, before I start gnawing on someone’s arm, and he tells me to please take lunch.

Yeah. I get hangry. It’s a real thing.
Just don’t add it to driving in traffic. :grimacing:


I suspect getting hangry has to do with blood sugar level. I know that from experience. My blood sugar sometimes sinks and then I’m both hangry and trembling.
I have diabetics (type II) in the family, and my blood sugar levels go easily up or down (I don’t have diabetics, so far at least). Once I got evidence. There was a diabetes campaign and they were measuring people’s blood sugar in the neighbouring shopping center. Mine was 3. “Go and eat something soon”. “Oh yeah, I’m going home”. Did some quick shopping and when I reached home I could hardly stand…


The Beloved said that she’s going to the store to take care of the grocery list. “Anything else you need me to pick up?”

“Hey, it’s a holiday and we can do some grillin’. See if they have any good brats.” Off the cuff. No importance, whatsoever.

It’s ten minutes later, and now I need brats. Like right now! The beer-basted bacon brats (I call them the killer bees).

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I can usually judge my blood sugar by looking at a repeating pattern. Floor tiles while I’m walking is good. If it moves by smoothly, I’m ok. If it skips like still-frame pictures, then I’m in trouble.