Fire Emblem ("War is heck!")

(in which we discuss our favorite units and scream crit lines.)
What games have you guys played?


Playing Three Houses right now, and I’m so invested! I picked Blue Lions, and I’m already planning a playthrough with the Crimson Eagles next.

I got halfway through Fates, but I’m definitely newer to the FE games.


I don’t generally remember most crit lines, but the one from Chrom where he goes “Now I’m angry.” In as neutral a battle voice as possible did make me snicker.

As the above mention may lead to suspect I got into Fire Emblem with Awakening. I honestly can’t remember ever coming across the series before then. Although I know there were a few earlier translated games. Still, those would have likely turned me off the series, as I’m one of those heathens who play on casual. No permadeath for me. I get too attached to characters. I can’t have them dying on me and considering my total lack of any tactical/strategic instincts dying they would do. I know I’d just reload the battle, so casual is definitely more my style.

So yeah if I’d found the series earlier I’d likely have classified it as “not for me”, but Awakening was the perfect entry point for me. I instantly fell in love with it and that game is still in my top five favourites ever. I know it’s not perfect, no game is, but it somehow had the exact right combination of elements that just worked for me.

Fates was far more of a mixed bag for me. I liked the concept and the gameplay was enjoyable enough for me. But the story and the characters left me wanting. I think they tried to take on too much in too little time. The internal timeline is one big mess. The story consistency is … questionable at best. Which, learning that there were different writing teams for each game and even different writers between the main storyline and the supports explained a lot. And while the kid mechanics worked with the story in Awakening, to me they felt shoehorned in with Fates, making the timeline even more wonky.

The characters was where I felt the most that something was a little missing. Probably because I had enjoyed those from Awakening so much. Many of the supports felt like they went from, we are barely friends/know or like each other to I’ve been in love with you the whole time. Let’s get married! It had some weird progression. Personally I did prefer the Nohr crew over the Hoshidans. Mostly because I felt the Hoshidans were mostly different shades of honourable samurai. (Which isn’t bad, but felt more same-y.) While if felt the writers were more willing to go full on ham with the Nohr side. Also story wise, certain elements felt more coherent in Conquest. But I’ll leave it at this, considering this is already getting long and I just have many feels about this series.

I’m currently working my way through Three Houses and so far I’m really enjoying it.
It did seem a bit overwhelming at first. So many menus and options. But you do sort of ease into it. I like this art style slightly less than the previous ones (the eyes especially), but I’m getting used to it. The voice acting though is really well done. I’m a sucker for good voices and this is definitely doing it for me. Just wish they had done Byleth properly too. Right now all the silent arm waving is a bit strange. I’m totally headcanoning them as mute.
But this game probably should have its own thread, because all the feels, so many feels. And I’m trying not to make this post overly long. (Trying and failing, I know. I write novels for a reason. I’ll stop now.)


High Fives fellow Blue Lions team.
Definitely with you on planning next playthrough. Also planning on therapy for Dmitri. And all the others too really. But mostly Dmitri. That cinnamon roll needs therapy and hugs. Especially considering what we saw in the trailer.


My first Fire Emblem game was Fates, though I only ever completely got through Birthright.

Minor Fates Spoiler

Thought I honestly just used Rioma to fly through the later chapters in Birthright. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did want to play Conquest and Revelation as well, but circumstances prevented me from doing so (mainly because I wasn’t playing on my own DS nor did I own the game itself).

I am currently working on Awakening, and so far, I’m enjoying it. Can’t wait to see how it all ends (I hope it’s not a sad ending). :slight_smile:

Awakening Spoiler

I’m currently on the battle to get Nah, and I’m pretty stuck on it at the moment. I also have Morgan, Lucina (though that’s part of the story), Severa, and Cynthia. My S-Rank pairs so far are Chrom x Sumia, Frederick x Nowi, and my character (IGN = Slayer) with Cordelia.

I am a little confused on the whole “they came from the future” thing with the children, so I hope that’s explained in more detail at a later time.

With that being said, I absolutely love the two games I’ve played, and would probably get more games if I had the consoles to play them on/the money to pay for them.

“My sword hand twitches.” “Hand…hungers…”

I started the series with Sacred Stones, then Awakening (currently my favorite), Fates, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and currently playing Heroes (casually, no whaling) and Three Houses (Black Eagles route).

My favorite character is Owain, who I started a fanfic for during last month’s camp (haven’t finish though). I love that fact that he’s a complete nerd for Fire Emblem references and he aspires to be a writer too. As an added bonus, he’s a myrmidon which is my favorite class. Also, my avatar (named Foxer) S-ranked Lissa just so that Owain would be my son (I had looked up all of the characters on the wiki beforehand).

In Three Houses I plan to S-rank with Dorothea, who is bae as hell.


Echoes, I forgot about that one. I played it and actually quite liked it. Don’t know why I didn’t remember it until just now.

Owain is adorable. He really didn’t deserve the dunking on he got from a lot of the others. Especially in Fates. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I always felt he had to be Vaike’s kid. The two have such a similar vibe. (Yes I totally made couples based on narrative sense, not best stats. The joy of not playing on hard and having to min-max.)

I never got into Heroes, since I’m not a big fan of mobile games. Plus I think it’s now no longer playable here after Belgium banned lootboxes. Not sure. I considered emulating at one point, but I could see my brain getting obsessive over it and didn’t want to start. Also from what I saw I didn’t like a lot of the art and many of the voices were wrong too. Which is silly, but it does bother me. I’m very voice oriented.


I want to play the new one but my girlfriend is hogging it at the moment so I probably won’t get to for a while. lol Not sure which house I’m going to go with yet.

I heard Fates gets a lot of hate, but I actually really enjoyed it (I loved the aesthetic of Nohr and Niles is my favorite)!

Other than that, I played some of the GBA ones and Fire Emblem Warriors (imo doesn’t really count), but I’ve missed out on a lot of the better games in between. So I’m not a super FE fan or anything, but I do love the games and their characters for sure.


Yeah, the main reason why I haven’t played the very first games is because they came out at least a decade before I was born. That’s my excuse, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Same thing happened with Monster Hunter, another one of my favorite game series. It started in 2004, and I was 3 at the time, so again, I couldn’t play it. I love both FE and MH, though.

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Lol, I just cheesed the battle for Chapter 14 in Awakening. Literally just charged in with two of my most powerful pairs and defeated the boss on the first turn (got it down to 4hp on my turn, and when the boss attacked my unit, it was 100% chance for my unit to do 21*2 to the boss as a counterattack). I honestly didn’t think that was possible, but I won’t complain.

I don’t know if anyone else was able to do that on their first playthrough, but I did. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m playing on Hard difficulty (the second difficulty) with permadeath, btw.

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I started with Awakening and since then have played Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, Shadows of Valentia, and Three Houses. I’ve also done so much in the Fates fandom that I might of well have played it. Doing my first playthrough of 3H with the Golden Deer! (FEAR THE DEER)
I have to say, other than map design, FE15 has to be my favorite. Best soundtrack in any FE game, imo.

(updated title to include one of kiragi’s beautiful critical hit lines)

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I’ve played Sacred Stones, all of the 3DS titles, Heroes, and now Three Houses (Black Eagles route).

My favorite crit line is Robin’s “Time to tip the scales!” (Robin’s also my main in Super Smash Bros.)


Three Houses ate up most of my summer holidays! I just finished my last route a week or so ago. Blue Lions was my first house, and it’s still my favorite. I’ll probably replay that route when the DLC hits. Golden Deer was also good. I wasn’t into the Black Eagles as much.

I’ve played most of the 3DS stuff: all Fates games, Awakening, Shadows of Valentia. I own Shadow Dragon for the DS as well but I’ve only played a little bit, and the same goes for Path of Radiance.


Three houses has eaten up my spare time.
I just adore it!

My first FE was on the Gamecube and I’ve played every release I can get my hands on since.

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