Fire Emblem Three Houses

As I mentioned in the general Fire Emblem thread, it might be best to have a separate one for this one. Considering those of us playing it may have feels. Also thoughts.

Do mind the spoilers though. There is a handy spoiler function you can use.

Example of spoiler tags.

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Definitely would like to hear about what house you picked and why. I went with Blue Lions. It was a hard pick because they were all interesting. From my gut instinct I was guessing the main conflict was BL/BE though with GD more of a side perspective, so I wanted to go with those first. Also leaving Claude to last, just saying. And from the initial look we get, slightly more students in BL interested me.

I’m currently many hours in, nearly a full year into the timeline. Stuff is really starting to happen and I’m very much attached to my students. I did decide not to recruit from other houses as I wanted to keep them for those playthroughs. I can however see the pain that is going to be not being able to recruit Dimitri and Dedue on subsequent plays. It’s going to hurt. At least with Fates you knew Revelation mostly let you have everyone.

So far I’m enjoying the plot too, it’s interesting. Although some of it is predictable, but that’s JRPGs for you.

Do not click until past chapter 9 or if you like spoilers.

Did anyone really not see the Monica thing coming? Also, a character going “I have to tell you something, but not right now, we’ll talk later.” Is about as obvious as having a big red sign on that reads: Dead man walking.

And yet, it still hurt. Especially him being glad to see Byleth cry for the first time and that the tears were for him. Why game? Why all said feels.

I’m really sort of dreading the jump. Now they are mostly sort of happy-ish. I just want to keep them that way. And as I said in the other thread get Dmitri some therapy. All the others Blue Lions too, to be honest, but mostly Dmitri. That cinnamon roll needs therapy and hugs.

Also, gatekeeper for the win. And boo on not letting us pet the cats and dogs.

I’m currently playing Black Eagles route first, with Golden Deer planned to be my next run. Dorothea will be my S-rank for my first playthrough, as I said in the other thread she is bae as hell. But I also love Petra and Edelgard. Actually I love the whole BE class. I hope the other classes hold the same level of affection.

I’m still early in the game though, partly because I spend too much time roaming the castle and only play on my days off of work. I have seen a few spoilers though so I’m not completely in the dark as to what happens later.

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I hope so too. Although I’m sure your first house always stays a bit special. (And painful not being able to get some of them on subsequent playthroughs.) But for what it’s worth, I’ve gotten really attached to the Blue Lions crew. Which of course doesn’t mean you will, but it gives one hope. :slight_smile: I especially like how the characters are all pretty layered and not just what you see is what you get archetypes.

Yeah I’m 50 hours in, which probably should have gotten me way further into the story, but most of that has been hanging out in the monastery, fishing, going through the menus a multitude of times trying to figure out what classes I want for everyone, redoing conversations because I’m curious about other dialogue options, levelling up, etc etc.

Just wanted to say I stan hilda, she’s best girl, no one can change my mind

She has the best battle quotes. HIL-DA! HIL-DA! HIL-DA!

I did GD my first run because the GD are like these lovable band of misfits. Claude is fun AF to have as a house leader.

I’m currently doing BL and whoa, boy, these poor bb have a lot of things going on. I’m not a teacher, I’m a therapist. I’m enjoying the story with them, but I do miss the camaraderie GD had with each other. It’s a different sort of friendship with BL, but it’s understandable.

General BL character spoiler references (I tried to be vague but some might see it as a spoiler)

I feel like they had some messed up missions early game involving Ashe (WHY did Rhea give a mission that made him DO THAT) and Sylvain. Dimitri was pretty much broken from the start, it was a game of waiting for the straw that breaks his back. The whole thing with genocide and Dedue, wipes sweat from forehead. And then all the other problems from the other bb revealed in their supports, whoa boy. They are all little bb that I must protect. It’s def a more intense house.

I’ve seen BL described as a traditional FE Lord story and I can totally see that.

I haven’t played any BE runs because Edelgard just hasn’t clicked for me as a character, but I’m sure once I see more of her in her route I’ll develop a better opinion on her (or better explain why she doesn’t click)

I haven’t gotten round to GD yet, so have only met Hilda in passing. But I’m ready to get attached to all (well most) characters, so no doubt I’ll end up loving her as well.

I just finished my first route, which was BL and well it was kind of brutal. My poor students.
Totally agree with the points under your spoiler tags @desiwrites it was mean.

I overall really liked the BL route, but I do find they should have tied up a few more loose ends. I know it’s the idea that you play all routes to get the full story, but it’s always a good idea with games that have story routes to give as satisfying and at first glance “complete” experience as possible. Just in case people only play one route. Which I felt they were just lacking a teensy bit with the ending. Some things could have been wrapped up a little better.

spoiler BL ending

Like the oh we find Rhea, she’s stepping down thing was rushed. They could have at least have a tiny cutscene finding her or something. Some small conversation. Something.

Still overall I really liked it though.

Am now starting on BE and it’s brutal. Because I’m constantly seeing my BL crew and wanting to go over to them. Also while I’m certain I’ll probably come to like Edelgard, I can’t help side-eyeing her a bit right now.

I’m really torn on whether to recruit people or not though. I didn’t in my first route and it was definitely painful to see the other students and fight them, but also made for a more compelling story. Now I sort of want to recruit my old students. (I must protect them!) But then I do worry that will take away from the narrative impact. Also the idea of leaving poor Dimitri all on his own is sort of heartbreaking too. So I think I might not end up recruiting. But then I miss out on supports and that nags me too. I can’t win. :sob:

Basically, I really like this game. It’s working itself up into my favourites quickly. And I have feels people. Could babble about this all day long right now.

Yes, so many feels! In my GD run I didn’t think I would want to play it 4 times so I recruited all I thought looked interesting. Second half comes, I have to fight and kill a former student, a friend from their class I recruited made a comment afterwards that absolutely killed me. It was brutal. And the VA’s reading of the line? STRAIGHT TO MY CORONARIES

Recruiting half of established friendships like Annette only instead of her and Mercedes would probably create maximum brutality to the feels.

I’m still finishing up my BL run, but I recruited only a couple from GD this time around (Lysithea, then Lorenz just to get his family’s weapon) and I’m about to hit the battles in GD where I started fighting the other students and I’m like ;_____; I can’t handle this my babiessssss

I just want a route where I can recruit everyone! I’m not a DLC type person, but if they did that I’d be throwing money at them. I just want all my students to be happy, darn it.

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My first run is GD, I haven’t finished the game yet I’m like 2 months into the time skip. So far they’re all absolutely lovely characters and I’ve kidnapped Dorothea, Bernidetta, Felix, and Ashe as well. I dunno how I’ll feel when I actually have to kill a student. so far I’ve been adimate about b-lining to the general if I have to (thank go Hilda and Claude are absoulute monsters as Wyvern units)