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Hi! :slight_smile: I’ve just added some events into the new site and they are beautiful, but as I was entering them, I thought of some features that would be very useful to me.

-The ability to repeat events/mass include dates. For instance, we have an event every Thursday, same time and place. It would save time to add it once instead of copy/pasting 4 times.
-The ability to edit an event. I wish I was able to go back and add accessibility information to one of my first event posts. Which brings me to:
-A checkbox or other indicator to denote if the venue is wheelchair accessible.
-A place to add additional information (such as the room/area of the venue) to the venue page.

Once again, the events is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy this feature was added!


Great ideas, I like the checkbox one. Perhaps others for other common selections? Food friendly, kid friendly…etc

Adding a small calendar to the region with Write-in dates highlighted would help see all of them at one time?

I had to try it out after reading this.
Q: who approves the posts?
Issue: I selected 3 hours, went to venue, then went back to look at the details and it defaulted back to 2 hrs? I haven’ seen the post yet, so I cant verify…

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I second the editting on events. I saw the time was : 8:00 pm CEST and this is hard to read for most in our region so wanted to add the 20h-23h in the text.

I would love to see a facility to import events from a google calendar. An API would be enough (I can code my own tool to do the porting). At the moment it is very daunting to think of manually copying over 20-40 events.

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Can anyone answer this? I hope it’s not an ML. That’s not going to work with regions that are “Self Sufficient”.

@Tim_Kim, I’m not sure what the plans are for this feature, so I’ll defer to you on this one!

In our first phase, MLs do approve posts! Regions without MLs will eventually get this feature rolled out to them.

So end game is if you’re in a region without an ML then anyone in that region can submit an event and have it go live automatically?
And if so is this release going hot before Nov 1?

  1. Yes! There’s a small risk at hand here, considering both spammers and trolls, but the only other alternative we’ve thought of so far is having them be approved by staff. We’ve got ~200 regions without MLs; I’m not sure how many events we’d see coming through those regions, and we don’t have an immediately identifiable staffer with the time to build this into their work right now (busy season!). If we were to implement staff approving these kinds of events, my concern is that a staff-approval process could take longer than it should/be unreliable. Other solutions to consider are welcome, as well!

  2. The release allowing regions without MLs to submit events without approval? Probably not, honestly. It will depend on how quickly development continues, but we’re already seeing high priority bugs in addition to the feature roadmap we’ve already plotted for the next few months, and this doesn’t strike me as a high priority. If you disagree, I’m open to hearing why!