FAQ: Common Forums Questions From Beta Testing

Special Q&A session written by @SepiaAndDust and co-opted by staff. :slight_smile: We’ll continue to add this as questions come in!
Why do impossible numbers show up in my notifications balloon?


It’s a glitch in the Discourse. Use the Dismiss All button in Preferences>>Notifications to clear it.

Why does a blue line appear appear above my avatar?
That’s the empty notifications balloon mentioned above. It’s harmless.

How do I change my username?
Go to the Preview site and click on My Nanowrimo in the menu bar. Select Profile.

Click on the button to edit your profile:


Make sure you Save Details when you’re done.

Careful, though–once you change it, you can’t (AFAIK) change it back.

How do I quickly go to the top or bottom of a thread?
If you get to the bottom of a thread and want to go back to the top, you can click on the thread title in the bar above the thread:

On some devices, a timeline is shown to the right of the thread:


Click anywhere on the vertical line to move to that part of the thread. Clicking on the date at the very top will take you to the first post, and clicking on the date at the bottom will take you to the last post.

Additionally, in the thread list for the category, there will be a column showing the number of replies. Click on that number:

and you’ll see a submenu that can take you to the top or the bottom of the thread:


Why do all of the subcategory posts show in the category?

This is because of a little setting at the top of the list. To show ONLY posts from the category, select all from the drop down by the category name, then select “none.”

This is annoying to have to do over and over, but it is a requested feature others have made for the official Discourse installation, so hopefully it will be added!


Does this go here? We’re gonna say that this goes here cause idk. May I ask why the Diversions & Procrastinations subforum is locked?

It’s restricted to logged in users, most likely TL1’s or higher based on what heather said in another thread :slight_smile:

Good rule of thumb regarding Discourse is that if you can see it, you can post in it unless heather went out of her way to restrict posting access. :slight_smile:

This FAQ is already out of date :smiley:

I just noticed the link has been added next to the search icon. :slight_smile:

ETA: Oh, I finally got an email I was waiting on. For anyone who might want to know, this is why Discourse’s email notifications aren’t as big a drain on resources as some might expect:

I have most of the categories set to auto-watch topics because I wanted to force it to generate that message so that I could post the exact wording. :slight_smile:




Only visible when you’re at the top of a page, though. That makes for an extra click–one to scroll to the top of the page, another on the “back to preview” link. I would definitely suggest making it always visible.

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With the way Heather implemented it there’s not a way to make it always visible at the moment. It’s just a temporary solution until the developers can implement a more permanent one. :slight_smile:

Ah fair enough! I figured it was a temporary solution.

It is always visible on mobile, unless you scroll past the end of the thread.

That’s because of a key difference in how the mobile version works in general. It isn’t as aggressive about showing the thread title in the header and that is what triggers hiding the link. On mobile you’ll notice it also hides the search button, hamburger menu, and your avatar menu. :slight_smile:


Actually… there’s a setting in the theme component for that…

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LOL! You can tell that’s one thing I haven’t worked with in awhile. :slight_smile:

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Given your expertise in literally everything else… I’ll forgive you.

Well I did tell you once I don’t work with the themes much besides installing them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello all! Could anyone tell me how I can become a beta toaster?

The toasters were a one time exclusive, but we got you a tester badge instead. :slight_smile:


I hope it’s okay to ask a question on this thread, still not sure if there’s really an “official” place for asking a question - not reporting a bug or making a suggestion, just can’t figure something out.

I’m wondering about how the Notifications work with the “New” and “Unread” links. I’ve found those really helpful. However, it seems that I’m not actually notified about all the new threads? (I haven’t actually tracked this in detail, so I could be wrong). But I usually spend a lot of time in the genre forums, and I haven’t been getting any notifications about new posts in those categories. A quick perusal through some of them, and it looks like there are new posts/topics. Does it only notify you about categories you’ve already posted in or something?

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There’s a few settings in your account that affect the behavior of those tabs.

If you click on your Avatar then the gear icon it will take you to your settings page. If you click Notifications in the Sidebar (the second dropdown menu on mobile) it will take you to the page that controls that option. The default setting will cause the behavior you’re seeing. What is “new” is based on that setting and whether or not you’ve previous viewed the thread. New only contains threads that you’ve never visited and are new based on the Consider topics new when setting. I recommend changing that to I haven’t viewed them yet.

Unread is for topics you are Tracking or Watching. Default is threads are tracked after you’ve viewed them for at least 4 minutes. You can change that with the Automatically track topics I enter setting. I personally use the immediately setting, but most people would probably find that setting annoying.

Watching are the the threads you have posted in by default. You can modify that to just track them if you won’t want to get notifications of every thread you post in by default.

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Alas, he is no more. RIP, SDaN… we hardly knew you.