Fantasy and Romance

Anyone else write fantasy with heavy elements of romance? Let’s chit-chat. :sparkling_heart:

I could use help with my fantasy romance.

My main novel I tend to rework every November is actually two novels, and I have a dilemma regarding the romance aspect. The first novel focuses heavily on a time-limited adventure, so there isn’t much room to grow the slow burn romance I want between the two protagonists; they’re too busy racing to save someone and trying not to get killed. There’s some romantic and sexual tension in a few scenes, but not a heavy amount.

I just wonder if it’d be weird to develop a large chunk of that relationship in the second novel, or if I have to somehow rework the first to find more room for the relationship. I worry more because I want to add erotic scenes. Book one would just seem sexless and all-business, but then book two would seemingly change genre and go all-out. Arrrgh.

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Totally the BioWare fan in me talking, but since you want to go for erotic/sexual content…why not have the first book focus on the tension between them, then as the main plot nears the climax (because the protagonists can’t travel 24/7), that tension boils over, they have their love scene. That also gives a continued tension that carries over into the second book, where their relationship can grow and/or struggle based on the characters and what they go through.

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The same reader of your first book will be put off by your second book, especially because they weren’t expecting erotica. You are going to need to find a way to be clear to your readers on their expectations of the 2nd book. That will be a hard thing to do because they are already a fan of the style of the first. Tough job ahead of you, but if you can put a little more erotica hinted scenes in your first, that would help and the reader would accept the intensive erotica scenes in your second as an arc point.

I try to have romance in my fantasy, but they are always a part of the character arc and not the main focus of the plot. Like Divergent, Hunger Games, Ready Player One, and those types. Cheers, J.

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I’ve been writing a lot of erotic romance in fantasy the past few years. I agree with @Tevyn that a genre shift between books would definitely throw people off.

I think the way to address this would be to add erotic elements in the first book. Not sex scenes if they don’t have time for that. But if you make a point of the erotic tension and sensuality throughout the first book, it will make people look forward to that payoff in the second. Just go back and layer in the romantic and erotic tension on top of the adventure plot.


Thanks for the advice! Maybe it’s not as hard as I’m making it out to be. I sometimes forget as writers, we’re allowed to go back and add things on top of what we’ve already written. :rofl: