Fairy court exploring brainstorming

Crappy title for what this is actually about, but I couldn’t think of anything else to call it.

Okay, so this is kind of a long shot, but I’m going to explain/ask it anyway.

I’m adding in a new chapter into my current project (first draft is already written, so this is for the second draft, which I may or may not be writing for NaNo. Haven’t decided yet) where one of my main characters, a female human girl with magic, spends time with two Outriders (fairy scouts) who basically show her around the summer court (like, pretty much anything within the palace itself as well as in the court’s boundaries). I want it to be a way for her to discover things about the fairy’s world (which is part of hers - it’s not another realm, really, although I guess in a sense it sort of is. Humans know it exists, they just don’t go there) as well as a bit of an opportunity for world building.

So I’m looking for ideas for how she can be shown some of the court by these Outriders. Some of the ideas I have so far include:

  • Riding on a giant dragonfly, and getting to see some of the different creatures from above while flying. These dragonflies would be pretty big - big enough for a human to be able to ride on without needing any magic to make them able to do so due to their size. (The fairies can shift to Tinkerbell size, though I haven’t decided if this is something based on ranking or not, but I know the Outriders, at least, can do it, but they’d be human sized when riding the dragonfly.)
  • Being shown the library
  • Getting to see some kind of a gathering in the throne room with a bunch of different fairies of the court gathered together.
  • She’s going to see the court’s dragon guardian at some point, though that’s probably going to be from a distance and not up close. (Dragon guardians=their allies. Basically, they can call upon a court’s individual guardian in a time of great need.)
  • She’s going to see the court’s dragon guardian at some point, though that’s probably going to be from a distance and not up close. I don’t want to go crazy with the amount of stuff she sees just in this chapter, 'cause there’ll be some other opportunities for her to be shown stuff in the other courts, too, but even just a few things to play around with.

Like I said, there’s going to be another chapter (or a few chapters) where she visits another of the fairy courts, but I plan on that being a totally different experience.

Any thoughts? Keep in mind it’s a medieval inspired setting, so nothing modern day. Feel free to ask me any questions for things you may need to know. Thanks in advance!

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To clarify (since I apparently can’t edit my original post without “abandoning” it, and I don’t know what that means), I’m looking for suggestions of what else I can have happen besides these things that I have listed.

Just for the sake of showing her around the court I think you have enough already. To me it seems there is danger for this to become an info dump-chapter if you add more to it. What are the things you want to show to the reader by adding this chapter to the story?

With the information just from this post, I would most likely construct the scene/chapter somewhat like this:

  • Fly around with the dragonfly for overall view. Show the dragon guardian here(if the guardian is out in the open), to make the reader aware of their existence, but don’t get too into it, if it’s not necessary.
  • Get closer look by showing the library, if the main girl likes books. Show the garden if she likes flowers etc. If this is early on in the story and the first time she is seeing this, I would think the Outriders would want to impress/amaze the girl by showing her something she would love.
  • Have something happen to take them to the throne room, where there is some commodity or festivity going on that furthers the plot or makes readers/the girl aware of the conflicts in the story.

This is a fair enough statement, although I don’t think it’ll turn into an info dump. I could spread it out over a few chapters if needed (it changes POVs every chapter, so I could easily write a chapter in the POV of one of the Outriders, since she gets POV chapters anyway, if I needed to), although I’m not sure that it’ll really be necessary. I suppose it depends on how things go as I write it.

As far as what I want to show the reader by adding this chapter in goes, I basically want to show the character being able to explore and see the court through her own eyes and discover things about the fairies. The fairies were once allies with the humans, but it was long before she was born, and she lives somewhere where magic has been banned as a result of them no longer being allies. Up until she gets involved with the fairies, she’s really been naive about things having to do with magic/the fairies, so this is an opportunity for her to discover things about them, which will help her when she has to make certain decisions.

I have more instances, both in this story as well as the prequel, where I’ll have characters who’ll get to witness the things going on in the court, both from the perspective of a human (like in this case) as well as from a fairy’s perspective, so more examples of this kind of thing would be useful in general anyway.

In that case it needs to be told in her POV to make an impact, I think. If you want to incite wonder/excitement, it needs to be told through her eyes, rather than the Outriders. To the Outriders magic is normal(I assume), they might not see it as wonderful and amazing as it is part of their everyday life.

With Outriders point of view you could show more about the guardian dragon I think. Does someone take care of it or is the dragon self sufficient? What does it do when there is no need for protecting? Is it a scaly dragon?(does it need help to loosen some scales after shedding it’s skin?). Are dragons rare? Are they a source of wonder to the Outriders, even when they see one every day?

I hope my questions are at all helpful to you.

Yeah, this is a good point. I was already planning on showing it in her POV anyway, for the reasons you already gave, but I think you’re right that showing it in the outrider’s POV wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful. You did give me some good ideas about the dragon with those questions, though, so thank you for that XD.

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