Exhausted after Camp/NaNo

After last Camp I haven’t been able to write much. I should be editing but I don’t have the motivation for it. I think last Camp was rougher on me than I thought bc I bit off more I could chew and didn’t even reach my goal, had to take a lower goal. Right now the only thing I’d like to do is draw comics but I don’t know if I’m able to do that. I don’t know what to do. Anyone else exhausted after Camp?


You “should” not be doing anything right now. Sure, if you want to edit your story you’ll want to do that at some point, but that point does not have to be now. Give yourself a litte break from the story - you spent a very intense Camp working on it and you my just have burnt yourself out a little bit. That’s fine! <3 I’ve definitely been there with my more intense NaNo months. Not so much being tired per se but more that I got completely sick of writing and I didn’t wanna do it.


I still want to write but I feel a little burnt out editing the first story in my novel made out of short stories. (Think tv show)
I think maybe I just need to get back into the habit of writing again. And to recapture the reason I started writing.

Breaks are super healthy & important! A local author gave a talk about his process, and he recommends that after you write a draft you intentionally walk away from it for a few days to a few weeks. Your editing eyes need to be rested and recharged so you can see the work afresh.

Indulging in the things you’ve neglected in order to complete camp is a great way to spend the next few weeks!

Oh, I’m not trying to edit the draft from this camp nano, it’s something I wrote earlier. But still I think a break would be good, because I’ve just finished 60k words and then I’d just have to start writing again and it just takes a lot of energy. I don’t know, I think I need some other kind of project for now.


Totally! Take a break. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and no. For me I tried something new for Camp which was a change to a process I’ve had for 2+ years. I’m now trying to continue that and it is hard to get back into that habit around all the other RL stuff I have going on.

On the other hand, burnout/word poisoning/word hangovers are all real. Everyone deals with them in different ways. If you want to draw comics, the only one stopping you is you. No one else. If you want to go play with another story then go do so. Personally if I know I am burned out (can take me a while to see it) then I will just put down 500 words a day, if that means I rant about RL stuff, then that is what I write, or if that means I do some brainstorming for plot stuff, then that is what I do. The point is that I still write 500 words per day regardless of what kind of mood I’m in or how bad things get. Even if this means sitting down at 11:55 and bolting through it because I have spent the evening procrastinating.

The only thing I would definitely say is that if you have just written a full story, then a break may not be a bad idea from it. That break doesn’t mean that you have to stop writing altogether. Let your story simmer for a while then come back to it when it blazes into your head with all the things that you did not see when doing that initial 60k.

I also find that rewatching some well written works of media (feel free to take your pick) helps get me in the mood when I’m burned out.

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