Editing support thread

Are you editing? Is it going badly? This is the thread for you! If you are also having a bad time fixing all your mistakes, come here for some comfort and commisery.


I’m not sure how sleep deprived I was when I wrote this chapter, but there should be an entire chapter before this, and it should be two bigger chapters. I’m going to have to essentially write two chapters between the one I need to add and the two half chapters I need to expand.

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So, apparently, I drafted my synopsis for this book while either drunk or sleep deprived because I have no idea what is going on. Oops.


I know this feel

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Every time I go to edit I think “Wow, I need to split up this book again!” I then add to the split book and still the plot moves too fast. This has happened four times to the same book.


I’m looking for a new new idea because I’m too intimidated to start any of the next round of editing for my previous ten ideas that are currently sitting in their first or second drafted state.

I’m revising for either my final or next-to-final draft for my 2017 NaNo story. I’m doing a more-or-less full-rewrite of Chapter 4, since I felt it had a bit of filler to it.

I’m trying to make it a conversation between the protagonist and the butterfly-lady she met once, where the things they discuss allow me to share and parallel important things about the invasion from another world the main character and her fellow magical girls fought five years prior, all while the main character doesn’t want to risk letting slip anything that could reveal their secrets.

Or to sum it up as I did elsewhere today: One of my main characters is trying to get the other main character to tell them about magic, without telling said other main character about magic.

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I’m approaching Year 3 of attempting to edit Dream Catcher (book 1 in my series). I finally finished the first editing pass but the rewriting stage that I’m doing right now (before I begin the next editing pass) has been slow going. I love my characters and I’m passionate about this story, but… I guess I’m just not looking forward to getting to the editing for book 2 in the series. That story is complete chaos right now!

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I’m jumping a bit early to this editing train as I don’t start to edit until Sunday.

But I feel like when I start to edit book 2 it will be a painful and miserable process. Hopefully, the story will move to the direction of not being totally garbage but will see how it starts to go on Sunday.

I ran some of my story through since alpha readers and there are some major fuck ups they didn’t note. I had to go back to remember what I added during revision (I introduced a lot of stuff earlier) and got caught up fixing minor but important bits and pieces.

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This is the quagmire I’m in, at the moment. I have so many drafts of this novel that I have to keep jumping around to remember what is and isn’t still there while editing (I edited a ton with beta readers, then revised the ending with a revise and resubmit. I was lucky it was take after that, but the content editor wants the ending changed again so after taking things out and putting them back in, my mind is rather spinning…

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I know let’s turn 467 words into a full length chapter, because why not?

What am I even doing with my life?

I started to edit my second novel yesterday and so far it’s going well as the text is easy to read and going well but will see how long it stays like this

I’m on my second round of rewrites for my first NaNo novel. It’s becoming a much more cohesive story but it’s been a struggle to make time to sit down and work on it. And even more of a struggle to follow the outline that I laid out.


I’m deep in the morass that is the America section of my fanfic. I’ve been stuck on this subsection for at least three days now. It’s doing my head in! I’ve got an extra half a day I have to fill in now because the timeline keeps expanding and contracting like a blob of halfset jelly.

My editing has moved along as I planned but it takes so damn long even with a knowledge that it could be done in hour or two but my head is so messed up rn so it takes all the energy away…

I’ve been stalled out on editing my second book for almost a week because of life stuff. I don’t even know how to get back into it.

I just scratched out about half of my second act. But heck, I knew it wasn’t going to work when I wrote it.

Oh man, editing. I’ve been editing this one novel for like a year now. Things keep happening and I have to put it to the wayside (school, work, etc.) and I’m trying to buckle down.

One thing I realize though I that in my first draft I have a lot of 'a little bit’s in there. like ‘she smiled a little bit’. That doesn’t need to be said. Lol. Anyone else notice words they don’t need in their drafts?

Yeah and I was just saying in discord yesterday how I feel like I’ve used the term ”Karri/he said as the sound of keyboard based his words” etc. (Didn’t found the real term).

But now as I rewrite my second novel there is a chance to switch some of those out or just drop them fully if the scene survives with out indication of who’s line is it.