Dystopian Fiction

So, this is for people who enjoy writing dystopian genre! Feel free to discuss what promblems you have or new ideas, or just chat. Please follow the rules and have fun!


I don’t have tips, and I don’t write this genre, but I read the books Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter by Marissa Meyer and I think they fit this genre and THEY WERE AMAZING!!! So, if anyone wants to read them, they may be helpful for prompts or tips or inspiration… Also, they’re great books to just read…


My camp project is a mix of dystopian and speculative fiction, but the whole thing is an allegorical satire. So I’m not sure whether it would fit in this genre or not. :joy:


Ive read them too, they are really awesome!

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Yeah!!! :clap:

I’ve got a few Dystopian stories planned that I may someday get around to writing.

The first one is a potential trilogy. In that one, the government uses media outlets to brainwash their people. Most have no control over it and go along with the brainwashing, but my 17-year-old FMC is resistant (a small faction of the population is “resistant” but they hide in secrecy because the rumors of what happens to the “resistant” are horrible). At school, she finds one of her classmates who is also resistant and joins his little group of resistants. I have this whole trilogy planned out already, but I don’t want to spoil it!

The other story, I have some details but no elaborate plans yet. Basically, the FMC’s society controls memories. At any time, they can call members of their population in and alter or even remove memories that don’t go along with the world they are trying to create. I have the ending planned for this story, but not much else just yet.

Dystopian is one of the genres that I love to read, so I’m looking forward to hopefully someday contributing the genre myself!