Dream worlds

I can’t be the only one who has one of these, right?

I have an intricate, mappable dream world. There is a renaissance festival, a desert, a city, a forest with a manor house. People I recognize sometimes show up in my dream world, like my friend Thomas (often at the renaissance festival, and surrounded by cats), my friend Chuck (both as himself, in the city, and at the renaissance festival as the Baron), and my mom (in the desert, usually at the school).

I also dream in color, and in specific colors. The manor is overlayed in blue on the outside and gold on the inside. The city is overlayed in orange, the forest and renaissance festival in green, and the desert in yellow.

Do you have a dream world? What are some of the pieces of geography you recognize?


A gas station that doubles as a karate dojo and a castle where live stone gargoyles are trapped in the basement…


I have a fabric store that doubles as a donut shop. Why aren’t there more gas station/dojos and fabric/donut shops in the real world??


I don’t know! We need gas station/dojos, man. Where are we supposed to trap our live stone gargoyles without them?


I’ve got one, but to me they seem more like several different places where I sorta hang out. Theres the desert outside Buenos Aires, where a Bed, Bath and Beyond is located, the military base coffeeshop hidden in the top of a forest, the cemetery, and the NASA base town.
tbh I’ve never met anyone else w dream worlds other than me so this thread is very interesting!!


I have a city that I think is kind of made up of different cities I’ve lived in - mainly Boston and London. But there are a lot of different parts to it and it definitely is “mappable.” I could probably draw a map of it right now with all its various locations. For a long time, I didn’t realize it was made up of real cities I’ve lived in before. Then on a trip to London last year, when we were walking into Trafalgar Square from St. James Park, I recognized the arch we passed under as from my “dream” city. I lived in London when I was a kid, over 20 years ago. it was crazy to realize even though I didn’t consciously remember this specific part of the city, some part of my mind did and worked it into my dreams over and over.

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I have something that looks like an indoor market that I have to wander around looking for books that don’t exist in the real world

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I call it Creepytown and it’s extremely boring. I’ve been meaning to make a map. Part of the town seems to be some VR game arena but I can’t always figure out how to get there. I spend most of my time in one crummy apartment building near the haunted pumpkin patch. There are always zombies around but the only real threat is the neighbors walking through my walls like they own the place.


Had a friend who swore up and down that he always dreamed of the same little city. Who was that? Thomas? Pariah? Anyway, I always figured he was lying.


I don’t have a complete dream world, but there’s definitely a dream location that I return to from time to time. It’s my grandparents’ house. It definitely doesn’t match reality, but every time I’ve been back, I’ve just understood it to be… my grandparents’ house.

It never occurred to me that dream worlds could be as vivid as what some of y’all are describing here. How consistent are details between visits? My dream-locations are very dream-logic flavored, and sometimes the only reason I know it’s the same place is because in my dream, I just understand it to be so.

Pretty consistent. For example my renaissance festival is on the border between the forest and the desert, somewhere near one of the train stations. The school is in the desert, which is near the city. I think there’s an ocean near the city, but I’ve never seen it, dream self just knows it’s there.

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That’s fascinating. Thank you for taking the time to elaborate.

I haven’t dreamed up some fantastical world (although, I did actually create a “Dream World” for my series) but I do tend to dream about places. I often see the same pieces multiple times (which kind of, in part, inspired my series with The Dream World).

The first place that I’ve dreamed about is a white farmhouse. It is surrounded by open rolling fields. Somehow, when I dream of it, I always dream of walking down a hall on the first floor. This actually inspired my MC’s Dream World home.

The second setting that I’ve dreamed of several times is a real place. I actually found it on one of our trips to western PA to visit family. It’s along a busy/main road. On the right side of the road is open woods. On the left side of the road is a long driveway that leads up a slight hill. I really don’t know why I would often dream about that driveway. I don’t know who lives there.

I know that I’ve dreamed about other places but I can’t think of them right now. It is always weird when I find them in real life, though.